Uttarayan is a popular kite-flying festival in Gujarat that falls on 14th and 15th January every year. People in Gujarat celebrate this amazing occasion by flying various designs of kites in the sky. They get extremely busy shopping for kites.

People enjoying Kite flying in Gujarat

Guys and girls enjoying kite flying (Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Dieu Tourism)

Every year in Gujarat, an International Kite Festival is arranged in a few of its cities. Surat organizes International Kite Festival for 2-days (12th-13th January at Adajan ground). In Ahmedabad, the International Kite Festival is celebrated from the 6th to the 14th of January. Expertise kite makers from China, Indonesia, the USA, Japan, etc come to Ahmedabad to showcase their kites. The sky is filled with Chinese flying dragons, huge banner kites, Italian sculptural kites, and many other high-tech kite attractions.

International Kite Festival in Gujarat

International Kite Festival in Gujarat (Triotechnoblog – WordPress.com)

There’s a great preparation made by Gujarati girls and guys as they take out time to go out with friends to select their preferred colorful kites. They tie their kites with a strong thread (Pivdaaveli Dori) before the fest day. Also, they wear band-aids in their fingers so that they wouldn’t get wounded by cuts from kite thread, just for safety’s sake.

Colorful Kites (Indiatimes.com)

A proper sitting arrangement is made on the terrace for those who want to relax and enjoy the flying kites. Men, women, and children wear glares and caps in order to avoid the sun rays falling on their eyes while they are busy flying the kites.

Some people sit and view kite flying and few participate (Rediffmail)

One can’t forget the mouth-watering delicacies arranged on the table at one corner of the floor. Gujarati moms make delicious foods at home like Til Chikki, Sing Chikki, Undhiyu, Sherdi, Bor, Mamra Laadu, Besan Laddu, and Adadiya.

Til Chikki, Sing Chikki as Uttarayan special snacks (indiamart.com)

Other Gujarati snacks can include fafda-kadhi, jalebis, khamad-dhokla, patra, ponk pakodas, khandvi, sweets, etc. Hence, people not only have fun playing kites but also, relish the Gujarati snacks.

Yummy jalebis and fafdas in Gujarat

Yummy jalebis and fafdas in Gujarat (Hungrito)

Of course, when Uttrayan is being enjoyed, music can’t be left out. Loud music on speakers just makes the atmosphere even more happening, playing the latest Bollywood remix and Uttrayan kite-flying Hindi movie songs. This can turn into a dance on the terrace with friends and family.

Uttrayan is also a superb occasion for guys and girls taking individual selfies, groupfies with families and friends on the terrace, added with clicks with kites, firkies, masks, decorating stuff. Also, they love uploading on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, wishing their friends Happy Uttarayan!

Guys and girls also fly LED Night Kites (premium quality products) in the evening after sunset in Gujarat, including Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot. These are the fast lighting, non-drip, long burning kites that can fly up to 1200 feet. They are available in distinct colors. This latest trend of Night kite flying is popular in many other cities across the country during Makar Sankranti.

People enjoy flying Night lamps in Gujarat

People enjoy flying Night lamps in Gujarat (ReshareIt)

Makar Sankranti (14th January) is celebrated in different states by different names. It is Uttarayan celebrations in Gujarat and Rajasthan, popular for kite flying festivals. In North India, it is Lohri and Khichadi. In Assam, it is a celebration of Bhigali Bihu. It is Sankranti in Central India, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. It is Makar Mela in Odisha. IN West Bengal, Ganga Sagar Mela and Pithey Parba are observed on Makar Sankranti. Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu on this day. In Maharashtra, Makar Sankranti and Til Gul are observed. The Sabarimala Pilgrimage ends on this day in Kerala with Makaravilakku sightseeing. This is also a significant date for Prayagraj Ardh Kumbh Mela from 14/15 Jan. in Allahabad.

Kite Flying Rann Utsav in Bhuj, Gujarat

Kite Flying Rann Utsav in Bhuj, Gujarat (Pinterest)

Wishing everyone a very Happy Uttarayan and Makar Sankranti! Let your dreams fly high like the colorful kites! 🙂

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