With its continuous double-digit expansion in the domestic passenger traffic, India will climb towards becoming the third biggest aviation market in the whole world by the year 2027. Though it may seem quite far, our country is all set to achieve its dreams in the aviation market.

IN the next 10 years India’s aviation market to generate close to 2.6 million direct, indirect & induced jobs (InfraCircle)

Job Offers in Aviation

In the upcoming ten years, India’s aviation market will produce approximately 2.6 million direct, indirect and induced jobs, according to the report released by Center for Asia Pacific Aviation [CAPA]. CAPA report conveyed, “As on FY 2017, the current staffing is 1,97,309 that is anticipated to reach 4,32,021 by FY27, and these would be direct job offers.”

At the top of the tread are those job vacancies of commercial pilots in the airlines. India has currently 6,772 pilots and by FY2027 it would require 16,802 pilots, as per the CAPA report. The development in demand for the cabin crew jobs will increase more than the double along with the current 11,000 cabin crew positions to grow towards 26,325 in a decade. There will be around 34,972 posts for maintenance engineers, going up from the latest 14,220 posts.

India’s aviation climbing high towards success (Media India Group)

Overall, there would be a huge growth of 142% in jobs along with 1,65,533 posts for the job profiles of engineers, pilots, flight attendants, administration and management staffs in Indian commercial airline and general aviation industry by the year 2027, also including private aircrafts, flying clubs, and charter aircrafts.

Other different aviation fields will cover 2,66,488 jobs, like cargo and warehousing, airport operations and management, ground handling, retail, commercial, air traffic control, fire, security, and many more. According to the CAPA report, 1,20,006 jobs are currently available in this category.

India targets No 3 position in the world in Aviation Sector (Civilsdaily)

The requirement of the hour is the huge investment in education and training infrastructure, including the condition of country’s aviation training was below par, both in infrastructure standards of training as well as the quality of instructors.

Hence, those who are interested to join aviation can look out for jobs in various locations. In order to occupy the third largest position in the whole world by 2027, our country needs fresh candidates to apply for the above positions and be a significant part of the aviation industry.

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