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Nowadays most of you must be clicking beautiful photographs and recordings and uploading on Facebook or Instagram in order to keep those moments fresh in the mind for always. You might not have heard much about visual journaling. Well, just like many of you might be maintaining a journal to pen down some moments of life and expressing your personal thought, visual journaling is related to expression of feelings in the form of photos, pictures, graphics, or videos.

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Significance of Visual Journaling

It is vital for a person’s individual thought process to explore new things via visual journaling in this techno world that is changing constantly. Many kinds of ways are available to craft visual journals. By entrusting to visual journaling procedure, you can learn how to use your inner language of imagery and convey it in visual and verbal manner. With visual journaling, you can be able to express connections between their art-making personal experiences and works of contemporary artists.

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Where few people implement visual journaling as their passion, the experts nowadays admire its positive effects. Visual journaling can generate self-awareness and boost personal life too. You can photograph your path to a conscious life and further change your emotional life in the progression. When your mind strikes of sketching something, it can direct towards revitalization of what you thought was gone forever.

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Ten Best Art Therapy Visual Journaling Prompts

Listed here are the trendy visual journaling prompts applied in the art therapy. Visual journaling can turn to be a prospective key towards art making process.

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1# How are you feeling today:

‘Feelings journal’ is the most usual prompt that is suggested to the clients. They should maintain a feelings journal between meetings and spend some time sketching ‘how I feel today’ making use of shapes, colors, images, or lines.

2# Spontaneous imagery:

Spontaneous imagery signifies crafting a scribble or free-form lines, and coming across images within those lines.

Spontaneous Imagery Creativity (www.expressiveartworkshops.com)

3# Working within a circle:

Sometimes it is known as ‘mandala journal’. You can easily outline or draw a circle on every page of your journal, and thus make it a daily practice of crafting images within or outside circle template.

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4# Non-dominant hand drawing:

People are boosted to ‘draw with their non-dominant hand’ over the passing time, and notice what surfaces. They are also encouraged to write with their non-dominant hand as element of journaling practice.

5# Dream journal:

When you wake up, the first thing you can do is to open your dream journal where you can attempt jotting the visual images recalled from your dreams. You can try out writing few keywords or phrases firstly, which can be followed by sketching vital elements of your dream.

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6# Photocollage journal:

If you’re interested to draw, you can try out collecting few of your favorite words, images or quotes from books or magazines, and put into practice of crafting image journal. The theme for the image drawing can be of ravel or any soothing images.

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7# Doodle Diary:

You can have a doodle diary with you by crafting new patterns, shapes, and lines. At your doodle zone, you allow your mind to wander. You can keep regular updates in this diary on your everyday life or few main changes or emotional disturbances. You can also create your long-term goals in the doodle diary.

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8# Intention journal: If you have a specific aim in mind, like a target to become healthy by next year, you can maintain a visual or writing journal that is contributed to a specific vision.

9# Altered book:

Any kind of book like children’s storybook, fiction, old novel, or cookbook, can be utilized as visual journal where you can apply the words and images in this journal as element of drawing/painting/collage over the text, or your journaling.

Dream Collage (dreamcollageart.blogspot.com)

10# Make your own approach:

You can create your own personal approach by drawing or painting or making collage as you wish. As it is your own visual journal, you know what looks right and in any type of media which attracts you.

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Therefore, the practice of visual journaling can be executed with or without the word presence. You can either craft images or lines, or even take photographs and upload them on Instagram. When you regularly create something in your visual journal, you can understand yourself better, keep your mind happy, and be in a comfortable space and relaxed mood, thus lessening your stress level and reducing negativity.

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Hence, taking out few minutes from your busy schedule to jot down your thoughts and emotions will help you in connecting with your inner self.

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