Earlier students used to play and jump, and have fun with friends, yet study and pass their exams without any tension in their minds. Nowadays pressure of exams has increased tremendously as students have to cover more number of chapters of their books. With the nearing of Board Exams, Higher Secondary Board Exams by the start of next month, exam stress is obviously at its peak among the students appearing this time, and also their parents. These would be further followed by entrance exams from May.

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Thus it is very important for the parents to maintain things in a simple way for their children, such that stress absolutely does not over-strain their young minds. At this time youngsters appearing for these boards go through excessive stress and anxiety, whether they can complete their syllabus or not before their exam date.

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According to Dr. Prashant Bhimani, a leading consultant psychologist, “I encounter youngsters going through performance anxieties. They are hugely burdened with expectations from their parents, and want to score higher marks that directs to last minute palpitation, mental blocks, lack of concentration, perspiration, and lack of confidence. Parents should be more understanding and provide their children with more space. They should ensure not to overload their children with their own expectations.” He further said, “Too many expectations may also hamper children’s health day before the exam day. Thus parents should encourage children to keep their minds calm, and wrap up their studies soon so that they can hit bed at the earliest, by 10.30/11 pm without much delay.”

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Tips to Overcome Exam Stress for Students

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Just be calm and believe in yourself completely
  • Study on your strong areas, and focus on the points who have jotted down on notebooks
  • Jogging, running, or stretching exercises at home are suggested
  • Try out few yoga or meditation to keep your focus
  • Take a small break to go outside for few minutes, or listen to songs, or watch TV.
  • Refresh your mind in between
  • Don’t study constantly
  • Stop from attending tuitions
  • Share your problem areas with parents or close friends for finding quick and right solutions
  • Don’t worry about scores at all as many career options are available now
  • Have a nice good night sleep

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Tips for Parents

  • Understand your children’s academic potential and therefore expect the result
  • Never pressurize your children to bring highest results
  • Boost them to perform as per her/his abilities
  • Ensure that your child has balanced, nutritious meal
  • Let them have some entertainment between studies, allow them to go out and have fresh air, go for a small ride, or meet with friends for a short time
  • Encourage children to score according to their potential
  • Maintain a friendly and calm atmosphere at home

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In terms of studies, teachers too advise children to just read the main points of the chapters, and not mug them. Vikram Panchal, a professor counseling board exam students’ shares with us, “Students should not keep their exam preparations for the last minute. It is recommended for them to study on daily basis that will ward off the exam stress. Rather than spending time on questions which they aren’t able to crack, it is vital to finish those questions they are very much confident to answer quickly. During mock ups, they should clarify all the doubts with consultation of their teachers or tuition teachers.”

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A healthy diet can certainly help students a lot before and during their exams. Rucha Majmudar, a dietitian shares, “There are some students who suffer from exam phobia and feel nervous, or lose appetite. I suggest parents to give their children healthy food including green vegetables, fruits, citrus fruits, milk shakes, and nimbu paani. Brown bread sandwiches and dry fruits can be healthy snack options.”

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As many distinct ways are there to overcome exam blues, it is certainly possible to handle this pressure and study coolly completing the courses before exam dates. All the best to all the youngsters who will appear for Board, Higher Secondary, and Entrance exams! Give your best in the exam papers, sans any kind of stress!

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