India not only adheres to the principles of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ but also ‘Matru Devo Bhava’ and ‘Pitru Devo Bhava’ which teaches every individual that parents have a godly presence in our lives. Is it fair to leave these parents hungry and helpless in their old age, when they invest their entire lives in making us, capable individuals? Let’s get to know more about the inspirational story of Dr. Uday Modi!

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Dr. Uday Modi’s Inspirational Story of Serving the Old-Age Helpless People

Dr. Uday Modi is an Ayurvedic doctor who cares for the poor in Mumbai. Many call him Dr. of Hope. He is also a Social worker for Shravan Tiffin Seva. For the elderly Bhayander is the only hope for survival. His profession brings him to know closely the reality in which his patients live. Dr. Uday Modi, who has been relentlessly serving abandoned, old couples with daily meals, doesn’t welcome the concept of leaving your parents to fend for themselves. In an interview with One Corner, a YouTube channel highlighting the stories of unsung heroes, Dr. Uday Modi opens up about catering to the needs of these families.

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Dr. Uday Modi started this service 13 years ago when an old man painfully walked up to him begging him for food. Talking about the incident Modi says, “I could feel a lot of pain in the old man’s eyes. I realized how helpless he felt and instantly decided to help him. This was not a small issue and demanded attention at its earliest.” With his wife’s support, Uday Modi has pledged to provide food to these aged people, without skipping a single day, a single meal, free of cost. He is glad to tell the world that he is the son of 250 old parents who shower him with loads of love.

He says that as a child, he was always taught that parents play a divine role in every individual’s life and they hold a very sacred and important position in their child’s life. However, reality was devastating. Since then, his efforts are directed towards helping them with their daily meals and doing his little bit towards our society. Dr.Modi says, “I feel a surge of happiness and relief when I provide them with food and they are a very important part of my life now. We take special care of those who are sick by preparing their food separately which could help them recover faster. I will continue to serve them until the last breath of my life.”

One Corner is glad to provide these unsung heroes with a platform whereby more ears will listen to these inspirational stories be a part of such a noble initiative! One Corner salutes the valor and courage of these unsung heroes who don’t think twice before helping our society.

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