Story of Nitish Kalia – From Engineer to Anchor

Captivating people’s attention, especially, when they are your audience, is not everybody’s cup of tea. However, Nitish Kalia leaves no stone unturned when it comes to enthralling his audience. Every artist has a peculiar way of resonating with his talent and so does Nitish. Hailing from the corporate world, Nitish always knew that he always belonged to the world of art.

Nitish Kalia turned Anchor from a Civil Engineer (

Every great dream begins with a great dreamer. – Harriet Tubman

Nitish Kalia also did not stop dreaming. He did not stop chasing his dreams. He believed that he could make it possible. Being a civil engineer by profession, envisaging a career in anchoring seemed very far-fetched. But every dreamer knows the power of his dreams and how to materialize them. He might not know how the constellation of stars would work out for him, but he wanted to be a star performer on the stage. Juggling between his strenuous and work schedules and his shows, demanded heavily of him. But in the end, passion always persists.

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Nitish Kalia bids adieu to the corporate world, says the world of anchoring has welcomed him with open arms

Nitish Kalia took a vigilant turn in his so-called pre-decided career trajectory and inched towards his lifelong passion of becoming an anchor. Pursuing his goal, he says, “The life I spent working in a 9-5 job has not gone waste. I had to deal with my own set of hardships. But all of them made me a stronger person and gave me the courage to become the person I have become. Anchoring will have its own set of lessons to teach me, its own set of experiences in store for me, but I am ready for all of them.”

Having a composed, nurtured and traditional family background, Nitish Kalia has been flooded with events he needs to cater to. With hosting a range of wedding events, party events, etc, Nitish Kalia believes in keeping the josh high all the time! Being an eclectic mix of Ranveer Singh and Vicky Kaushal, Nitish Kalia amplifies the josh at any and every event he is present at. Branching into the field of anchoring, he wishes to explore a bigger range of events and wishes to keep doing better with every passing event. Besides being an anchor, Nitish is also a Sports Commentator, Game Jockey, Actor, Singer, and EMCEE.

On a parting note, Nitish says, “I am very thankful to my family for showing such tremendous support towards me and not letting their faith in me, dwindle. Anchoring unveils a new side to me, which is very fresh and enthusiastic. I am sure all of you will love it.”

Cheers to Nitish Kalia for his great hosting in many of the events as he superbly entertains his audiences!

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