AIO Games Merge Devdutt Padikkal’s Century Score with Rahul Dravid’s Viral CRED Ad

#IndiraNagarKaGunda Meme

It’s safe to say that the recent CRED ad has broken the internet. This hilarious advertisement featuring Rahul Dravid, fuming with anger, contradicts his calm demeanor. Humorously titled ‘Indira Nagar ka Gunda’, the ad has seen multiple variations of memes around it within hours of its release.

RCB’s Devdutt Padikkal Compared with Rahul Dravid on Trending #IndiraNagarKaGunda Meme

IndiraNagarKaGunda Meme
IndiraNagarKaGunda Meme (Twitter)

Brands have taken this opportunity to release their own memes, using this tactic to help connect them with their audience.

One such brand, AIO Games, quickly jumped on this trend by adding their own creativity to the ever-so-popular meme.

Given the recent maiden IPL century scored by the Indian cricketer, Devdutt Padikkal, the brand instantly associated this achievement with the meme, adding their own twist to it.

Different moods of Rahul Dravid in the hilarious ad (News18)

Shared on the official Instagram page of AIO Games, the meme has been modified to say “Wankhede Ka Gunda Hoon Main!”

Indian cricketer, Devdutt Padikkal
Devdutt Padikkal’s Century Score compared with Rahul Dravid’s Viral CRED Ad

Whimsical and quick-witted, the meme is sure to become a barrel of laughs!

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