With Diwali around the corner, most of you are already busy cleaning your homes. The festival of lights signifies decorating your homes and preparing to receive prosperity by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi. The pre-celebration starts with Dhanteras falling on 23rd October (Sunday), followed by Diwali on 24 October (Monday), followed by Bhaidhooj falling on 26 October (Wednesday). 

Beautiful Diwali home decorations

Beautiful Diwali home decorations (Decorpot)

However, improving your home’s décor is a difficult undertaking that costs a lot. No worries.  We’ve offered some inexpensive Diwali decoration ideas that can help you fully transform your home in time for Diwali while also making guests feel welcome. 

  • Add Colorful Lights

Diwali is a festival of lights and Diwali home decoration is the best idea. Fairy lights can be used inside the home to freshen up windows, mirrors, and walls, though most people prefer to use them to decorate balconies and exteriors.

Diwali colorful lights

Diwali colorful lights (YouTube)

You can also add artificial candles, chandeliers, and other reasonably priced light fixtures to enhance interiors. To help you improve the room without spending a lot of money, there are glass bell jars, attractive lamps, and other solutions available on e-commerce sites.

  • Blossoming flowers that bring freshness, color, and fragrance

Adding plants and flowers is the simplest way to improve your room’s interior design. You can purchase bouquets from a neighborhood flower shop or vendor during Diwali.

Diwali decor with colorful flowers

Diwali decor with colorful flowers (PartyKaro Delhi)

Additionally, you can gather marigold garlands and hang them throughout the house. It not only adds color, but the smell also uplifts the spirit. Additionally, you can purchase vibrant flowers and put them in vases to spruce up bare spaces.

  • Add Accent to the wall

You can simply add an accent to the room by painting only one wall of your selected room if you don’t want to paint the entire property. Many of you either like to paint your bedroom in the living room or another lighter color on the wall behind the sofa or television. You can even paint colors on your bedroom wall. 

Diwali decoration with painting on walls

Diwali decoration with painting on walls (Design Cafe)

You can even paint your room while hanging out with a close friend, simply for fun. You can add textures and instantly brighten up any space by using DIY Diwali decor methods. 

  • Add Metal Showpieces

Metallic sculptures have a rustic feel that gives an otherwise modern room a sense of beauty and traditionalism. Furthermore, Diwali is the ideal opportunity to experiment with home décor.

Diwali metal showpiece

Diwali metal showpiece (fcity.in)

If your home is decorated with a beautiful metallic theme, you may put these items on a small table in your living room or around the corners and borders of the home corridor. They should be filled with water, decorated with petals and flowers, and lit with Diwali candles or diya decorations (earthen lamps). You can even decorate with painted diyas

  • Add Traditional Diwali Décorations

Without hanging a fresh toran—decorated and vibrant strings attached to the main doors and gates in the home—on the front gate, Diwali decorations would look incomplete. You can embellish your temple at home in a similar manner.

Decorate your home entrance with toran

Decorate your home entrance with toran (Pinterest)

  • Add Furniture

Adding small furniture is one of the simplest methods to upgrade the home look. You can buy a tea table, corner table, or sofa or renew your bed. You can visit a nearby showroom to buy your preferred furniture.

Diwali home furniture

Diwali home furniture (Pinterest)

  • Design Beautiful Rangoli

Another method for bringing color into the room is to create a lovely rangoli. Choose powdered colors or flowers to create a colorful work of art. To entice good vibrations, you might create lovely rangolis for your entrance. During Diwali, you can make a rangoli by following a theme with flowers or colors.

Decorate with beautiful Diwali rangoli

Decorate with beautiful Diwali rangoli colors or flowers (Picsy)

Plan your Diwali from before on the budget-friendly Diwali decoration items you would like to buy for your home. You can quickly get them from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and other online sites if you don’t intend to buy from the store.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali! Enjoy an eco-friendly Diwali! 🙂

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