The famous footballer from London, David Beckham is known worldwide as the modern style icon who continues to set global trends. With the passing years, his style, as well as hair, has matured consistently with him. Beckham is a high-profile male celebrity who loves to experiment with his hair, bringing in new cuts and styles.

Just like he runs on the soccer ground magnificently, his hairstyle too is dynamic. Since the last decades, the fashion icon has been experimenting with many different hairstyles that he pulls off smartly. He has been a great influence on many of the youngsters.

Here we’ve selected a few of David Beckham’s best iconic hairstyles.

  • Faux Hawk Hairstyle: This hairstyle is David Beckham’s favorite hairstyle as he looks just fantastic in his chirpy smile. Faux Hawk style looks cool on men as it is created by fingers so that the hair is made to stand up after the use of styling product.
    David Beckham in Faux Hawk style

    David Beckham in Faux Hawk style (Men’s Hair Forum)

  • Ponytail Hairstyle: Beckham looks extremely stylish in his long, ponytail hairstyle. Many guys love to wear long hair; so they can pull all their hair by back-brushing it at the backside and tying it with a band.
    Beckham's Ponytail Hairstyle

    Beckham’s Ponytail Hairstyle (Style Interest)

  • Short Hairstyle: This is yet another fancy hairdo of David Beckham that has been liked by the onlookers. The back and sides of his hair are shaped short for bringing a clean finish to his edges, and top layers are cut to craft a textured look. The short hairstyle looks great when going to business meetings.
    Short Hairstyle of Beckham

    Short Hairstyle of Beckham (Pinterest)

  • Mohawk Hairstyle: Beckham is quite famous for his stylish Mohawk hairstyle. Both sides are trimmed and the upper portion hair is straightened sharply with the application of the gel. He appears smart even in his angry look with Mohawk hairstyle.
    David Beckham styled in Mohawk hairstyle

    David Beckham styled in Mohawk hairstyle (The Telegraph)

  • Long and Wavy Hairstyle: The footballer looks fabulous in his casual long and wavy hairstyle. If you have good growth of hair, you can make a mid partition, and make your hair fall on both sides and back in a wavy style.
    Long and Wavy hair of David Beckham

    Long and Wavy hair of David Beckham (MachoHairstyles)

  • Tousled Tips: In the mid-2000s, Beckham trended with this hairstyle which was at its peak. He wore it tousled uniquely having an awesome look on him. He had added stylized spikes that set him apart from others.
    Tousled hairstyle of David Beckham

    Tousled hairstyle of Beckham (

  • Buzz Cut: Business professionals can be eager to possess Beckham’s modish buzz cut which does not need much care all the time. Buzzcut hairstyle can allow your face to appear more defined, with less maintenance and consistency. The hairdresser will minimize your sides and back hair short or semi-short.
    Buzz Cut of David Beckham

    Buzz Cut of David Beckham (Styles At Life)

  • Spiked Haircut: Spiked haircut is the most appreciated hairstyle of David Beckham as it is his personal favorite. As the hair is shortened, spikes are created on the upper portion of your hair, thus giving you an elegant look.
    David Beckham's Spiked Hairstyle

    David’s Spiked Hairstyle (Pinterest)

  • Layered Hairstyle: If you’re going for a formal occasion or planning to attend a wedding of friends/family, or it’s your own wedding, then you can try out with David’s perfect layered hairstyle. This attractive hairstyle will help you achieve a formal look. The hairdresser places your hair into layers; with top layers growing near your crown is cut shorter than those layers beneath. It lets the tips of the top layers merge flawlessly with beneath layers.
    Layered Hairstyle of David Beckham

    Layered Hairstyle of David (Pinterest)

  • Blended Fade: This is another noteworthy cut that Beckham managed to rock in it too. His short edges seem like salt and pepper that increasing the flawless fade.
    David Beckham's Blended Fade

    David Beckham’s Blended Fade (Men’s Hairstyles X)

  • Burr Haircut: Beckham has also adapted the burr haircut where his hair is naturally one-eighth of an inch length-wise or even shorter. Your hairdresser will use a 1.5 blade to shape your hair extremely short, maybe military cut. You won’t need styling maintenance for your hair.
    Burr Hairstyle of David Beckham

    Burr Hairstyle of David Beckham (Pinterest)

  • Undercut Hairstyle: Beckham wore the undercut style during his soccer times. Since then, men opt for this go-to-cut style where they make a knot of their long hair behind their backside.
    Undercut style of David Beckham

    Undercut style of David Beckham (Byrdie)

Therefore, men of today can groom themselves in David Beckham’s latest hairstyles by hitting the nearest salons., pub-3862145386704795, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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