The festival of colors is finally here and people have a great reason to celebrate because it’s Holi. People across the country are excited to ring in the colorful festival with Duleti and Holi, this March. Many girls and guys celebrate Holi with colors, water guns, and traditional sweets and snacks among friend circle, whereas some play with organic colors, while few decide to only exchange greetings with family and friends, or watch Holi programs on TV.

Enjoy the Holi celebrations (Tibet Vista)

Few States where Holi is played greatly

Holi is mainly played in some states including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, Punjab, and Gujarat. In the regions of Mathura, Braj, and Nandagaon (U.P.), the Holi celebration starts a week in advance as they rejoice in an ideal ritual called Lath Maar Holi. Men play around with shields while women beat on them with sticks or laths. The significant part of Holi in U.P. is gujiyas, bhang, thandai, puri sabzi, chaat, malpuas, and laasi. Bengalis convey the Holi festival as Dol Jatra and Odiyas as Basant Utsav. The fun-filled colorful Holi paints the city with popular songs and dances like ‘Balam Pichkari’, ‘Swag Se Swagat’, ‘Badri Ki Dulhaniya’ title track, ‘Holi Ke Din’, ‘Go Pagal’, ‘Ang Se Ang Lagana’, ‘Hori Khele Raghuveera’, ‘Rang Barse’, Aaj Na Chodenge, and ‘Do me A Favor Let’s Play Holi’.

Holi celebrations in U.P. (Wikipedia)

Play Safe Holi

  • Go natural: It’s recommended to everyone who plays Holi to go natural with a variety of available herbal colors, rather than chemical-mixed dyes. You are saved from having allergies or skin rashes after play. Avoid those cheap chemical-based colors. Natural colors are the best and absolutely safe.

    Play with Herbal Holi colors (

  • Wear oil or moisturizing lotion before play: Make sure to put on almond oil or coconut oil on your skin, including your hands and legs, face, and also apply oil to your hair. Girls should tie up their hair with a rubber band before going out to play. Holi colors will leave off the skin soon when you have applied oil before play. Guys and girls can apply moisturizing lotion too and go out to play. Girls can also use waterproof sunscreen to guard their skin against sun damage. One can also wear a cap or a colorful band to cover their hair from being colored by friends.
  • Shop right: Kids and children can buy Holi accessories from shops and online stores like masks, pichkaris, wigs, and glasses. People should purchase colors from trusted places only.

    Shop pichkaris, wigs, etc during Holi (Firstpost)

  • Select light colors: Children and elders should use light colors like yellow, green, pink, and red. Dark colors like black, purple, and dark blue colors should be avoided.

    Use light colors in Holi (NDTV Food)

  • Wear sunglasses and light-colored dresses: You can wear sunglasses to protect your eyes while playing. Those who wear contact lenses should remove them. If by chance color enters your eyes, rinse them with cold water. Also, wear light-colored dresses while playing with colors.

    Wear sunglasses on Holi occasion (Greater Seattle on the Cheap)

  • Drink lots of water: While playing your body tends to dehydrate, so it’s advised to intake water beforehand.
  • Eat yummy Holi dishes: People can try out yummy dishes on Holi, like gujiyas, bhajiyas, dahi bhalla, mathri, pani puris, kachoris, malpuas, namak pare, sweet lassi, etc. They can make delicious Holi recipes at home.

    Yummy gujiyas are relished on Holi (

  • Gift your loved ones: Holi is a bright occasion to greet your loved ones with nice gifts. You can buy online gifts from Amazon, Flipkart, or from nearby gift stores and surprise your family and friends. You can also keep sweets and snacks dishes ready in your drawing room so that when your neighbors come to greet you and call you for playing, you can offer them.
    Gifts for your family and friends

    Gifts for your family and friends (The Gourmet Box)

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holi! May this occasion bring all the colors of love and happiness today and always! Play a safe Holi with friends and family! 🙂, pub-3862145386704795, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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