Nowadays taking good care of health is the hottest discussion among groups. Most of the people have been extremely conscious of their health and prefer eating nutritious food, instead of fast food. Health has become the most important priority for everyone to focus in order to maintain themselves in proper shape. With the development in the healthcare sector, many companies are focusing seriously on significant ways to promote good health and preventive health measures for their employees, mainly women.

Interesting tips to stay fit and healthy at the office (PDC Digital)

We’ve shared some essential tips which would aid you to stay healthy and feel fresh in the workplace.

  • The workplace should be kept clean: Though the office cleaner must be cleaning the desks in the morning, you too make sure your work area should be dust-free, neat and properly organized. Bacterias are visible on the office desks; so one should just take a dust cloth to wipe the desk again before starting their work and also at the end of each day for five minutes. Also, keep sanitizing wipes and spray at your desk so that you can wipe out the laptop screen and desk surface if you find anything untidy.
  • Wash your hands often: Hand-washing is one of the most important things to follow from getting ill. Make sure that before you eat, after setting your desk nicely and after using the restroom, you should always wash your hands.

Drink ample of water: Employees, especially women should stay well-hydrated throughout the day. Consuming water is vital to your energy levels, productivity, and your health. You should intake at least one big bottle of water during office hours to stay refreshed.

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  • Eat well, covering light, healthy lunches: On Saturday night or Sunday, you should plan out your lunch foods for the coming week. You need to decide whether you would take lunch from home and what would it include, or have it at the canteen. It’s advised to have a nice meal during lunch break, instead of having fast foods, which aren’t good for health. Ensure to add fresh veggies or salad, few lean proteins, and fresh fruits for lasting energy and no tiredness.

Having healthy lunch is important (ExpatWoman)

  • Keep a hand sanitizer at your desk: During work hours, it’s pretty understood that you may not often step out from your desk to wash your hands. In cases like after coughing or sneezing, you should use hand sanitizer immediately. Keep a small sanitizer in your bag or on the desk to wet your hands when required in order to ward off infections. You can even use a wet tissue to keep your hands clean always.

Use sanitizer to keep hands clean from dust (Cleaning & Maintenance Management)

  • Take breaks in between to get fresh air: Ensure to take breaks in between your work, go outdoors every day to get a dose of Vitamin D. It is good to step out, walk a while with friends around your office building. You can even stroll through the office balcony to relax your mind. You can even calm your mood by sitting in the lobby area of your office that has few magazines to go through.

Take a walk during breaks (

  • Avoid fellow people who are sick: If any of your fellow people are sick and still come to the office because of pending work, avoid close interaction whenever possible. If they’re coughing or sneezing, make a distance from them.
  • Reduce your caffeine ingestion: Try to lessen your intake of tea to one or two cups at the office as too much intake is not good for your health. If you are having sugar-free tea or coffee or half spoon sugar, it’s even better for you.

    One or two cup tea/coffee intake is fine at the office (Marie France Asia, women’s magazine)

  • Don’t keep your stomach empty for long: For maintaining favorable health and energy, ensure to keep healthy snacks in your bag so that you can munch on it in when you feel hungry. Instead of keeping your stomach empty for a longer period that might cause pain or uneasiness, you can intake something healthy every two or three hours to maintain your blood sugar level steady as well as energy levels higher up the whole day. Few healthy snacks can include cashew nuts, almonds, roasted pistachios, organic cashews, etc.

    Healthy snacks good for health (Slism)

  • Manage your stress: You need to learn to handle your stress levels properly to work healthily in office. Ensure to take the best care of yourself firstly and continue to build a fine balance between your professional and personal life on a daily basis. Take out time for your family, movies with friends, outings, a spa day or reading a good novel that will keep you on toes, besides dealing with your office work pressure.

    Stretch out in between your work to destress (Dr. Tejas V. Patel)

 Hope you guys can utilize the above easy tips to remain healthy and in a happy mood at work! You can also check out YouTube for acquiring more information on how to stay healthy at work. Do let us know about your views regarding these practices via comments below! 🙂, pub-3862145386704795, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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