There has been a gradual growth of telemedicine technology over recent years. Its popularity is increasing every month as it offers great benefits to the doctors. The technology of telemedicine has exhibited to cross over the barriers towards health services caused by the big distance between the patient and the doctor, accessing to consistent transportation, the disintegration of care because of time gaps between appointments, and also the lack of quick providers. We’re here to convey the doctors about the 6 prime benefits of utilizing the Telemedicine Technology that will save their time too!

1. Better Access: Through the virtual clinic’s healthcare services, they are bringing the patients from distant locations in direct contact with the well-known experienced doctors. The telemedicine not only enhances access to the number of rural patients but also allows the doctors to reach far-off places’ patients through the virtual medium to give their medications. The telemedicine has an ideal capacity to expand their services to the millions of patients from rural areas and small cities.

Patients from rural areas can communicate with the city’s doctors at a virtual clinic (Medtronic ANZ Blog)

2. Enhanced Quality: Doctors should also know that telemedicine delivers a remarkable quality of health care services, thus maintaining its traditional form of virtual consultation in rural places. In many specialties, the telemedicine offers its superb outcomes from the experienced doctors with unique patient satisfaction.

3. Cost-Effectiveness: One of the most significant reasons to fund and implement telemedicine technologies is to lessen the cost of health care to a greater extent. Telemedicine also improves productivity through superior management of chronic diseases, professional health staffs, reduced travel timing, and lesser hospital stays.

A detailed study of the patient’s report for any disease they face (Athenahealth)

4. Patient Engagement and Satisfaction: Telemedicine technology gives a convenient platform for patients to save their travel time and stress. In fact, it allows them to get engaged in their health care clinics that provide great medications from the specialized doctors of popular hospitals across India. Patients will not only follow the doctors’ advice for their health problems but also like real-time care and flexibility with their providers.

Patients can log-in to a virtual clinic app & contact doctors accordingly (Kainos Partners)

5. Improves Provider Satisfaction: Telemedicine can enhance the job satisfaction of doctors as it makes the whole process of meeting with the patients much easier. The providers can utilize the telemedicine to balance their work in a better way, right from their hospitals they are attached. In fact, from their hospital place, they can get in touch and treat several patients from rural places for an hour or two.

6. Increases Traditional Face-to-Face Medicine: A solid relationship between a doctor and a patient is the actual substance for the higher quality of patient healthcare and decreasing the healthcare costings. The telemedicine care service providers can give in-person care to the remote patients from the doctors, with proper check-ups, follow-up visits, and right medications.

The doctor prescribes the best medication to her patients (Toronto Star)

Well, many virtual clinics are opened across India that is the known trusted brands for telemedicine for the patients from remote areas; three among them is Manipal Hospital’s virtual clinic at Electronics City campus (Bangalore), Apollo Virtual Clinic, Tata Communications’ Gloheal Virtual Clinic. They assure the doctors to build an amazing connection and also acquiring the ideal benefits of using this technology! Do share your comments with us, on the use of telemedicine technology!, pub-3862145386704795, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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