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Getting the best education from the world’s excellent universities is the target of many students. Numerous college students, after completing their twelfth class or graduation, apply for higher education in India or abroad countries. They can do their Graduation, MBA/PGDM, Executive MBA/PGDM, Masters or any other further education of their choice in distinct universities!

Excellent Students can opt for Top Universities for Higher Education (Blog – StuDocu)

The education standards of these universities are hugely high and this persuades students to opt for them for their brighter career opportunities. The rankings bestowed to them emphasize the universities to maintain their standards in offering remarkable education to the students with the help of great technology and presenting radical research work. These universities can upgrade with more numbers of expert lecturers and guides who can offer their knowledge to the students admitted to those best universities.

Students graduate in flying colors from the best universities on getting their higher degree certifications (Passionate In Finance)

According to the in-depth research, the ranking of the best universities is based on their essential missions: research, teaching, knowledge transference and international outlook, and trusted by university leaders, academics, industries, governments, and enrolled students. Well, let’s have a look below!

15 Best Higher Education Universities across the world

1# Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Country: United States

Established: 1861

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US (SlideShare)

2# Stanford University

Country: United States

Established: 1885

Standford University (QuestBridge)

3# Harvard University

Country: United States

Established: 1636

Harvard University, US (YouTube)

4# California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Country: United States

Established: 1891

California Institute of Technology, US (Studycor)

5# University of Salamanca

Country: Spain

Established: 1218

The University of Salamanca, Spain (

6# University of Cambridge

Country: England

Established: 1209

University of Cambridge, Cambridge (

7# University of Oxford

Country: England

Established: 1096

Oxford University, England (OYA Opportunities)

8# ETH Zurich—Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Country: Switzerland

Established: 1855

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland (Top Universities 2016)

9# Imperial College London

Country: United Kingdom

Established: 1907

Imperial College, London

10# University of Chicago

Country: United States

Established: 1890

The University of Chicago, US (Gary/Chicago Crusader)

11# University College London (UCL)

Country: United Kingdom

Established: 1826

University College London, UK (Study.EU)

12# University of Montpelier

Country: France

Established: 1289

The University of Montpelier, France (BootsnAll)

13# University of Paris

Country: France

Established: 1150

The University of Paris, France (World Atlas)

14# University of Bologna

Country: Italy

Established: 1088

University of Bologna, Italy (CMDBuild)

15# Nalanda University

Country: India

Established: 600 BC

Came into being: 2010

The Nalanda University, India (

Hope you guys have got a good idea on the best universities across the world that will further help you enroll for higher education in your preferred university! Please share your views and comments with us about any of the popular universities you must be knowing!

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