Excellent Ways To Celebrate ‘Friendship Day’ Occasion

Friendship Day is a very special day that makes you remember the true, everlasting friendships in your lives. This year it falls on the first Sunday of August when you get the chance to convey your dear friends how much you love and care about them. You can spend a fabulous time with your amazing friends by meeting them, gifting them, going for an outing, and doing many more exciting things together. Let’s help you out with sharing some interesting ideas for you to celebrate your friendship day with your buddies!

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Hence, quickly make your plans to catch up with your dearest friends this Friendship Day, and make it even more special and remarkable!

1# Spend quality time with your Friends: Everybody is so busy nowadays that they don’t get time to meet up. Friendship Day is a great day to spend quality time for a few hours to hang out with your buddies. Friends can gossip at the coffee shops, or watch movies in the theater, or go for lunch or dinner outing at their favorite restaurants, cherishing their good old days.

2# Friendship wishes, cards, notes, and messages: You can shower your gestures through beautiful messages on your friendship. You can share nice friendship cards in your friends’ group on WhatsApp or Facebook, or in person. You can even post a good video link of a lovely friendship song on their Facebook wall. You can write a thoughtful note saying, “You’re such an awesome friend. Wish you and our friendship a very long and healthy life. Thank you for being by my side always!”

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3# Friendship Bands / Bracelets: Friendship bracelets are hugely in trend for children and youngsters. You can gift your friends with designer bracelets which reflect in strengthening the beautiful bond. You can even give your friends colorful friendship bands. These are solicitous ways to make your pals know how much you care for them on friendship day.

4# Sweet gifts: On this wonderful occasion, you can gift small, sweet gifts like memorable pics of friends in a digital frame; a friendship gift box; a creative homemade gift added with many thoughts; flower bouquet with a teddy; chocolate box [like Cadburys, 5 Stars, Joy Chocolates, Skylofts Lovely, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Chocolates Potli, etc]; a friendship designed pillow, a mug gift with friends’ group pic printed on it; personalized gifts; and many more.

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5# Sleepover Party: It is a super idea to plan out a sleepover party with friends. You can make your party more exhilarating by watching a thriller or comedy DVD along with enjoying fast food, including wafers, popcorns, chips, and wafers. Friends can have a crazy night with dance and mad music.

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6# Dedicate a song: Friendship day is a lovely day when you can dedicate your friend’s favorite song or any catchy song that reflects your friendship on his/her preferred radio show, and also inform your friend to listen that FM by telling the timing.

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7# Lunch Preparation: You can call upon your friends at your home during lunchtime where you can prepare homemade dishes that your friends would love to have it and praise you too. You can sit and gossip and have a gala time after a long time. You can even arrange some games at your place to play together, including car playing.

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8# Call your friends: You might have talked with your friends for ages, but on friendship day, you can call them by surprising them, and talk endlessly with them by treasuring memorable days.

9# Photo-shoot: You can accompany your best friends to photo-studio in bright outfits, and click some impressive poses, making those moments more precious.

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10# Exchange gifts: You can buy some new gifts and exchange them with your friends that signify your affection towards each other. Friends can even come together to cut cakes and share with each other.

11# Try out exciting activities: Some can try out trekking, skydiving or cycling, and enjoy their moments with friends. Other activities that can be enjoyed with friends include cricket, golf, football, or billiards. Friends can even hit sea beaches, hill stations, or water theme parks. You along with your friends can also get set to dance in your city’s best DJ parties on loud Bollywood numbers.

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12# Go on Picnics: You can arrange for a picnic on the friendship day in a striking greenery place or hill station. Friends can play outdoor games, travel to nearby places, and eat out, and have loads of fun.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="604"] Picnic Outing (leanrenglishteens.britishcouncil.org)[/caption]

Happy Friendship Day and hope your strong friendship with friends lasts forever! Have the best of time with your buddies this Sunday. :)

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