Rio Olympics Broadcasts From 5th August To 21st August 2016

The Rio Olympics 2016 will present amazing environment for excellent performances. The Summer Olympic Games will commence in the evening of Friday, 5th August, held at Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro [host city], beginning at 20.00 BRT [23.00 UTC]. All the athletes will benefit from world-class competence, involving a wonderful village, situated in one of world’s many stunning cities with utmost easiness. Thus, 17,076 athletes are participating in Rio Olympics games with 207 nations taking part, and 306 events organized in 41 sports.

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Olympic Games Opening Ceremony: 5th August 2016, 20.00

Olympic Games Closing Ceremony: 21st August 2016, 20.00

  • Opening Ceremony Performances

The opening ceremony covers welcome speech, hoisting of flags of various countries, and parade of athletes along with creative exhibition to display the culture of host country. The venue competitions will be grouped in four zones covering Copacabana, Barra, Maracana, and Deodoro which are tied by lofty performance kind of transport ring. Altogether there will be 34 competition venues where games will be organized. Rio de Janeiro Games 2016 will be a perfect occasion to transform itself to a superior global city.

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On the day of opening ceremonial, Gilberto Gil [Brazilian singer, songwriter, and guitarist], Anitta [Brazilian dancer, songwriter, and recording artist], and Caetano Veloso [Brazilian singer, guitarist, and composer] will be performing their best music on the stage. Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen too will enact on the opening ceremony.

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  • Mascot

The mascot for Rio Olympic Games 2016 is Vinicius des Moraes which represents a combination of animals’ native to Brazil, and signifies energy radiated by Brazilian people.

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  • Torchbearers

Number of torch-bearers adds 12,000 in Brazil and 450 in Greece, crossing Brazil, Switzerland, and Greece countries, covering a total distance of 36,000 km in Brazil, and 2,235 km in Greece [16,000 by air and 20,000 by road].

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  • Emblem

Motivated by the vision of organizers, the Rio Olympics 2016 emblem stands as- ‘All the Brazilians are joining to deliver the biggest festival on earth and proudly moving forward our national pledge of progress.’ It has the notion of zeal and revolution that both showcase the modern Brazil. The positioning of emblem is sustained by 4 pillars reflecting sweet diversity, lively nature, catchy energy, and Olympic high-spirit, which has been blended excellently to present Rio 2016 its vibrant identity. This emblem is a representation of Rio’s and Brazil’s wishes for Olympic Games, as well as for the prospect of city and country too.

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Get latest updates of Rio Olympics:

Schedule of Rio Olympic Summer Games 2016

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Event / Date

Archery: August 06 – August 12

Athletics: August 12 – August 20

Athletics -Marathon:  August 14, August 21

Athletics-Race Walk: August 12, August 19

Badminton: August 11 – August 20

Basketball: August 06 – August 21

Beach Volleyball:  August 06 – August 18

Boxing: August 06 – August 21

Canoe Slalom: August 07 – August 11

Canoe Sprint: August 15 – August 20

Cycling-BMX: August 17 – August 19

Cycling-Mountain Bike: August 20 – August 21

Cycling-Road Race: August 06 – August 07

Cycling- Road Time Trial: August 10

Cycling- Track: August 11 – August 16

Diving: August 07 – August 20

Equestrian- Dressage: August 10 – August 15

Equestrian- Eventing: August 06 – August 09

Equestrian-Jumping: August 14 – August 19

Fencing: August 06 – August 14

Football: August 03, 04, 05, 07, 08

Golf: August 11 – August 20

Gymnastics- Artistic: August 06 – August 16

Gymnastics- Rhythmic: August 19 – August 21

Gymnastics-Trampoline: August 19 – August 21

Handball: August 06 – August 21

Hockey: August 06 – August 19

Judo: August 06 – August 12

Marathon Swimming: August 15 – August 16

Modern Pentathlon: August 18 – August 20

Rowing: August 06 – August 13

Rugby: August 06 – August 11

Sailing: August 08 – August 18

Shooting: August 06 – August 14

Swimming: August 06 – August 13

Synchronized Swimming: August 14 – August 19

Table Tennis: August 06 – August 17

Taekwondo: August 17 – August 20

Tennis: August 06 – August 14

Triathlon: August 18, August 20

Volleyball: August 06 – August 21

Water Polo: August 06 – August 20

Weightlifting: August 06 – August 16

Wrestling-Freestyle: August 17 – August 21

Wrestling-Greco-Roman: August 14 – August 16

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Men’s and Women’s Groups  


Group A

Brazil [BRA], South Africa [RSA], Iraq [IRQ], Denmark [DEN]

Group B

Sweden [SWE], Columbia [COL], Nigeria [NGA], Japan [JPN]

Group C

Fiji [FIJ], Korea Republic [KOR], Mexico [MEX], Germany [GER]

Group D

Honduras [HON], Algeria [ALG], Portugal [POR], Argentina [ARG]

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Group E

Brazil [BRA], China PR [CHN], Sweden [SWE], South Africa [RSA]

Group F

Canada [CAN], Australia [AUS], Zimbabwe [ZIM], Germany [GER]

Group G

USA [USA], New Zealand [NZL], France [FRA], Columbia [COL]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="371"] Silver, Gold and Bronze Medals for the winners ([/caption]
  • The top two teams from every group and the two best third-placed teams in every group will be qualifying for the quarter-finals.

Quarter-Finals of top two teams of Men’s and Women’s: Saturday 13th August

Semi-Finals [Men’s and Women’s]: Wednesday, 17th August

Bronze Medal Match: Saturday, 20th August

Gold Medal Match: Saturday, 20th August

Closing Ceremony: Sunday, 21st August

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  • Rio Olympics Live Update

 People in India can watch Rio Olympics games LIVE on four television channels, Star Sports 1, 2, 3, and 4 [in English and Hindi language] which will reflect the updates of distinct games.

According to CEO of Star Sports, Nitin Kukreja, “Star Sports leads in creating multi-sport culture in India that telecast Cricket mainly along with other sports like Football and Kabaddi. Olympics are the summit of multi-sports games, and India is ready to show their biggest-ever group, Star Sports are fully-prepared to offer the wide-ranging approach to Indian sports fans.”

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="375"] Rio Olympics telecasts on Star Sports Channel ([/caption]

The Olympics will start on Star Sports at 3.30 pm along with a pre-event show, and continue with live coverage from 4.30 pm till 5 am in the next morning.

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Olympics coverage will also be covered on Star Plus’s Hotstar for the users to watch the games easily. Viewers can watch any sports of their choice on Hotstar, and also get quick updates about the latest sports, players’ performance and medal tally.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="377"] Buy Tickets for Rio Games ([/caption]

Hence, watch out for the live coverage of Rio Summer Olympics on Star Sports from 5th August to 21st August, 2016! Fans who would love to watch these games live at Rio stadiums can book their tickets online now on Enjoy all the colorful and exciting games of Rio Olympics! 🙂

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