Though mango is an attractive tropical treat, but it has also turned out to be the fresh symbol of alluring fascination. But for the real Gujaratis residing in Gujarat state, the keri no ras is something close to ritual that is considered as an important food item in summer and has been relished as a compulsory dish till the arrival of rain.

The lovely golden color pulp of a mango is mixed to a spongy precision and passed via a fine mesh in order to get rid of any stringy fibers, thus giving you smooth and yummy keri no ras! Ras can be enjoyed with a bit of sugar or with a spoon of ghee, or a pinch of dried ginger powder added to it.  Well let’s have a look on keri no ras that can be tasted with various food items.

Ras-Poori: Ras-poori is an all-time favorite of all the Gujarati people as it is a typical Sunday lunch menu at their homes. Along with one spicy vegetable and pickle, this is a superb combination that you would like to treat with your family or friends. It is basically a healthy eating, sans calories. Thus you would love to have crispy hot poories with a bowl of freshly keri no ras!


Ras-Bhaat: Though other parts of India do have aam ras, but not much people like to have it with rice. But Gujarati people can make it happen as they have hot, steamed rice with sweet and tasty keri no ras. It can turn out to be a standard meal that includes rice added with a bit of ghee, spicy potatoes, cucumber and keri no ras. You can also make a Gujarati dal preparation named fajeto that is prepared from keri no ras.

Ras-Dhokla: Can you imagine when the delicious Gujarati farsan meets together with keri no ras? Well this is an amazing combination taken in breakfast or evening snack. During summers, Gujaratis love to have fluffy white dhoklas dipped in cool ras. Dhoklas can be layered with sweet and spicy green chutney between them.


Ras-Rotli: Gujarati households can relish two layered rotlis dipped into a bowl of flavorsome ras. The rotlis are made of two separate dough balls rolled into ideal circles stuck together with slight oil and dusting flour. Then they are roasted on hot grill and peeled off when cooked properly. Rotlis along with keri no ras is just mouthwatering to have in dinner.


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