FIFA World Cup 2018 kick-starts from June 14 till July 15: Full Schedule

Football is the current talk of the town as FIFA World Cup 2018 is making its grand start from Thursday, June 14! Football fever has struck their fans in India and abroad too. Curtains will go up in Moscow stadium as Russia hosts the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Sony Ten 2 and Sony Ten 3 will telecast the 2018’s FIFA World Cup live matches in English and Hindi commentary.

FIFA Cup and Football (

32 Teams Involved in FIFA 2018

The curtain for the opening ceremony will start 30-minutes before the first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia on Thursday, June 14. The opening match as well the last final match will be played in Moscow (Luzhniki). The FIFA 2018 World Cup stands as the 21st FIFA World Cup, held by FIFA Associations. Russia gained the hosting rights on December 2, 2010, to host FIFA from June 14 tip July 15, 2018. The winners of World Cup 2018 will be qualifying straightly for the 2021 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Opening Ceremony is grand and impressive (Free Press Journal)

The final tournament for FIFA covers 32 national teams who will strive hard to win every match against their competitors. Total matches to be played are 64 in 12 different venues situated in 11 cities.

2018 FIFA World Cup starts from June 14 (

This time Panama and Iceland will make their first appearance felt at FIFA. Four-time champion Italy [for the 1st time since 1958] and three-time runner-up the Netherlands [for the 1st time since 2002] failed to make it to the qualification round. The other two notable teams, Ghana and Ivory Coast couldn’t qualify for this year’s FIFA World Cup, who had made through the previous three tournaments. The competition was extremely tough, but the top best 32 teams entered the qualifying process of FIFA World Cup 2018. The favorites to win the FIFA final are mostly Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Argentina, and Portugal. But nothing can be predicted about in football matches as there will be a constant race till the very end among the 32 teams.

Russia the host of 2018 FIFA World Cup (

Opening Ceremony of FIFA World Cup 2018

In comparison with previous editions of the tournament, the FIFA World Cup 2018 will have a slightly different format that the spectators will witness. The time, the ceremony will be even more grandeur as it will showcase musical acts along with colorful sparkles rising high to welcome the captains of the 32 best teams along with their teammates and the amazing audiences cheering for their favorite team’s entry on the field.

FIFA World Cup 2018 begins in Moscow, Russia (FIFA World Cup 2018)
The opening ceremony was splendid (

Half an hour before the match begins, the opening ceremony will take place. Host country celebrating the football will remain the same, just like in earlier tournaments. British singer Robbie Williams will perform at the opening ceremony of World Cup, alongside one of Russia’s most commended young voice, Aida Garifullina, as announced by the World Cup organizers. Robbie Williams tweeted, “Very excited to be returning to Russia to perform at the opening of the @FIFAWorldCup – tune in early on Thursday for an unforgettable show!” #WorldCup

Robbie Williams steals the show at FIFA Opening Ceremony (DNA India)
Mesmerizing Musical Performance on the stage (Australian Financial Review)

Williams further conveyed, “Though I’ve performed a lot in my career, opening the FIFA World Cup to 80,000 football fans in a huge stadium and many millions across the world is a boyhood dream.”

Actors perform during the opening ceremony (FOX Sports Asia)

Also, Brazilian soccer star and a two-time World Cup champion, Ronaldo, will be also present at the opening ceremony of FIFA.

Moscow stadium is lit with sparkling lights (
Electrifying football games makes an amazing start (DNA India)

The show will be produced by Russia’s Channel One. Its creative concept will be developed by Felix Mikhailov who is directing the major ceremonies all through the journey of FIFA World Cup 2018. The new format introduced this time for the opening and closing ceremonies of FIFA World Cup will surely be appreciated by everyone. The beautiful FIFA show will be focusing on football and love, as conveyed by Mikhailov.

High-level performances at the FIFA World Cup (myKhel)
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Eight Groups

  • Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay
  • Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran
  • Group C: France, Australia, Peru, Denmark
  • Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria
  • Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia
  • Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea
  • Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England
  • Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

    8 Groups with 4 teams in each (

FIFA World Cup 2018 Fixtures [Kick-off Time in IST]

Complete Match Schedule (Footballwood)
Day/Date Group  Match [Winning Points] Venue Kick-off Time
Thurs/June 14 A [3] 5 Russia Vs Saudi Arabia 0 Moscow 8.30 PM
Fri/June 15 A [3] 1 Egypt Vs Uruguay 0 Yekaterinburg 5.30 PM
Fri/June 15 B 0 Morocco Vs Iran 1 [3] Saint Petersburg 8.30 PM
Fri/June 15 B [1] 3 Portugal Vs Spain 3 Draw Sochi 11.30 PM
Sat/June 16 C [3] 2 France Vs Australia 1 Kazan 3.30 PM
Sat/June 16 D [1] 1 Argentina Vs Iceland 1 Draw Moscow 6.30 PM
Sat/June 16 C 0 Peru Vs Denmark 1 [3] Saransk 9.30 PM
Sun/June 16 D [3] 2 Croatia Vs Nigeria 0 Kaliningrad 0.30 AM
Sun/June 17 E 0 Costa Rica Vs Serbia 1 [3] Samara 5.30 PM
Sun/June 17 F 0 Germany Vs Mexico 1 [3] Moscow 8.30 PM
Sun/June 17 E [1] 1 Brazil Vs Switzerland 1 Draw Rostov 11.30 PM
Mon/June 18 F [3] 1 Sweden Vs South Korea 0 Nizhny Novgorod 5.30 PM
Mon/June 18 G [3] 3 Belgium Vs Panama 0 Sochi 8.30 PM
Mon/June 18 G 1 Tunisia Vs England 2 [3] Volgograd 11.30 PM
Tus/June 19


H 1 Colombia Vs Japan 2 [3] Saransk 5.30 PM
Tus/June 19 H 1 Poland Vs Senegal 2 [3] Moscow 8.30 PM
Tus/June 19 A [3] 3 Russia Vs Egypt 1 St. Petersburg 11.30 PM
Wed/June 20 B [3] 1 Portugal Vs Morocco 0 Moscow 5.30 PM
Wed/June 20 A [3] 1 Uruguay Vs Saudi Arabia 0 Rostov 8.30 PM
Wed/June 20 B 0 Iran Vs Spain 1 [3] Kazan 11.30 PM
Thurs/June 21 C [1] 1 Denmark Vs Australia 1 Draw Yekaterinburg 5.30 PM
Thurs/June 21 C [3] 1 France Vs Peru 0 Samara 8.30 PM
Thurs/June 21 D 0 Argentina Vs Croatia 3 [3] Nizhny Novgorod 11.30 PM
Fri/June 22 E [3] 2 Brazil Vs Costa Rica 0 Saint Petersburg 5.30 PM
Fri/June 22 D [3] 2 Nigeria Vs Iceland 0 Volgograd 8.30 PM
Fri/June 22 E 0 Argentina Vs Croatia 3 [3] Kaliningrad 11.30 PM
Sat/June 23 G [3] 5 Belgium Vs Tunisia 2 Moscow 5.30 PM
Sat/June 23 F 1 South Korea Vs Mexico 2 [3] Sochi 8.30 PM
Sat/June 23 F [3] 2 Germany Vs Sweden 1 Rostov 11.30 PM
Sun/June 24 G [3] 6 England Vs Panama 1 Nizhny Novgorod 5.30 PM
Sun/June 24 H [1] 2 Japan Vs Senegal 2 Draw Yekaterinburg 8.30 PM
Sun/June 24 H 0 Poland Vs Columbia 3 [3] Kazan 11.30 PM
Mon/June 25 A [3] 2 Saudi Arabia Vs Egypt 1 Volgograd 7.30 PM
Mon/June 25 A [3] 3 Uruguay Vs Russia 0 Samara 7.30 PM
Mon/June 25 B [1] 2 Spain Vs Morocco 2 Draw Saransk 11.30 PM
Mon/June 25 B [1] 1 Iran Vs Portugal 1 Draw Kaliningrad 11.30 PM
Tus/June 26 C [1] 0 Denmark Vs France 0 Draw Sochi 7.30 PM
Tus/June 26 C 0 Australia Vs Peru 2 [3] Moscow 7.30 PM
Tus/June 26 D 1 Nigeria Vs Argentina 2 [3] Rostov 11.30 PM
Tus/June 26 D 1 Iceland Vs Croatia 2 [3] St. Petersburg 11.30 PM
Wed/June 27 F [3] 2 South Korea Vs Germany 0 Kazan 7.30 PM
Wed/June 27 F 0 Mexico Vs Sweden 3 [3] Yekaterinburg 7.30 PM
Wed/June 27 E 0 Serbia Vs Brazil 2 [3] Nizhny Novgorod 11.30 PM
Wed/June 27 E [1] 2 Switzerland Vs Costa Rica 2 Draw St. Petersburg 11.30 PM
Thurs/June 28 H 0 Japan Vs Poland 1 [3] Volgograd 7.30 PM
Thurs/June 28 H 0 Senegal Vs Colombia 1 [3] Samara 7.30 PM
Thurs/June 28 G 0 England Vs Belgium 1 [3] Kaliningrad 11.30 PM
Thurs/June 28 G 1 Panama Vs Tunisia 2 [3] Saransk 11.30 PM
Argentina’s Messi after getting a goal (InsideTheGames)
Brazil vs Mexico to play against each other in playoffs (

ROUND OF 16 (Play-offs)

Day/Date Groups-Matches Venue Kick-off Time
Sat/June 30 Group C winner 3 France Vs Group D runner-up Argentina 2 Kazan 7.30 PM, R1
Sat/June 30 Group A winner 2 Uruguay Vs Group B runner-up Portugal 1 Sochi 11.30 PM, R2
Sun/July 1 Group B winner 1 (3 P) Spain Vs Group A runner-up Russia 1 (4 P) Moscow 7.30 PM, R3
Sun/July 1 Group D winner 1 (3 P) Croatia Vs Group C runner-up Denmark (4 P) Nizhny Novgorod 11.30 PM, R4
Mon/July 2 Group F winner 2 Brazil Vs Group E runner-up Mexico 0 Samara 7.30 PM, R5
Mon/July 2 Group G winner 3 Belgium Vs Group H runner-up Japan 2 Rostov-On-Don 11.30 PM, R6
Tus/July 3 Group F winner 1 Sweden Vs Group E runner-up Switzerland 0 St. Petersburg 7.30 PM, R7
Tus/July 3 Group G winner 1 (3 P) Columbia Vs Group H runner-up England 1 (4 P) Moscow 11.30 PM, R8
France beat Argentina terrifically in the Playoff match on June 30 (Loop)
Russia beat Spain in penalties on July 1 (Samaa TV)
Brazil beat Mexico on July 2 (China Daily Europe)


Fri/July 6 Q1: Winner of R1 Uruguay Vs Winner of R2 France  Nizhny Novgorod 7.30 PM
Fri/July 6 Q2: Winner of R3 Brazil Vs Winner of R4 Belgium Kazan 11.30 PM
Sat/July 7 Q3: Winner of R7 Sweden Vs Winner of R8 England Samara 7.30 PM
Sat/July 7 Q4: Winner of R5 Russia Vs Winner of R6 Croatia  Sochi 11.30 PM
France vs Uruguay in Quarters (Forbes)
Brazil vs Belgium in Quarterfinal (
Sweden vs England in Quarterfinal (FreeSuperTips)
Russia vs Croatia in Quarterfinals (


Tus/July 10 SF1: Winner Q1 France Vs Winner Q2 Belgium St. Petersburg 11.30 PM
Wed/July 11 SF2: Winner Q3 England Vs Winner Q4 Croatia Moscow 11.30 PM


Sat/July 14 Loser of SF1 Vs Loser of SF2 St. Petersburg 7.30 PM


Sun/July 15 Winner SF1 Vs Winner SF2 Moscow 8.30 PM
Russia 2018 World Cup Press Center (Sputnik International)

All the football lovers, be ready tomorrow evening for the opening ceremony, followed by first match Russia Vs Saudi Arabia! This year’s FIFA World Cup is set to surprise you with a higher level of excitement as all the 32 teams will exhibit their excellent kicks and goals on the field. Among the 32, 16 teams will make it to the next round, beginning from June 30, followed by 8 winning teams to Quarter-finals, followed by 4 winning teams into the Semi-finals, and finally, the winner of SF1 and winner of SF2 will face each other in finals.

Official Symbol of FIFA (

In 2014’s FIFA World Cup, Germany were the Champions! Hope a new team arises to become the champion of 2018’s FIFA World Cup! Cheer for your favorite team! 🙂

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