India has witnessed a tremendous evolution since May 2014 when Narendra Modiji has taken over as the country’s Prime Minister. There might be lots of ups and downs in his governance, but everything has been in check with the right decisions taken at the ideal time possible.

As democracy pervades India, people debate whether PM Narendra Modi has transformed the country for the better or it has experienced suffering. Congress party people, including their supporters, are always seen rising doubts and anger towards the BJP rule and the decisions made, as for them, the Modi government is not implementing anything right towards the country’s progress!

Well, critics are a part of this governance who criticize badly on the constitutional values, the constitutional laws, the latest implementations, and the systematic corrosion of social order. Whereas, the supporters applaud the new rising India that is set on the road towards higher prosperity and also international honour under crucial leadership.

Where challenges towards the country’s democracy are solemn, the Supreme Court and Election Commission are viable. It isn’t that easy to transform the irresistible diversity of the country into a consistent nation.

Some Suffering

  • The governance in India is a stepwise story of experimentation and contemplation till any idea becomes a political system and reaches an end The government might have failed somewhere in safeguarding religious diversity, an increase of corruption, or creating more jobs for the people of India. The demonetization step that Modiji took in November 2019 may have worked well for some and failed according to others as they had to lose their black money dumped inside their houses. Demonetization had also impacted the country’s economy with a ‘note ban’. As per the analysts, a wide number of fly-by-night entrepreneurs were forced to leave the market soon after demonetization. All the main cities with great potential for real estate development in metro cities saw a decline in the builders.


  • The decision of quick shutdown in March-end, 2020 by Narendra Modi was quite hastily taken, though it was made for the safety of people to stay away from the dangerous pandemic, and remain in their homes. The two-month complete shutdown was the downfall of the economy. Millions of people had to stop their business mid-way, and with no money in their hands, had to return to their hometowns. With the first wave getting settled in May 2020 and things opening to normal after a gap, people were back to work which continued till April 2021. Again the second wave hit in May 2021 for the two months with the economy hitting low. This whole phase was difficult for the governance as well as the people of India.


Vital Benefits

  • His few success steps cover implementation of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana [PMJDY], Goods and Services Tax [GST], auto Toll-Tax, and going Digitization. The government also pursued people for less cash usage by allowing digital payments to gain In many of the tier-II and tier-III towns, digital payments had increased since demonetization times. The global technology giants like Google, Amazon, and WhatsApp, and some of the greatest mobile wallets, like MobiKwik, Paytm, PhonePe have gradually adopted digital payment systems. Thus, the common people are making their payments digitally through these mediums. For some numbers of the elderly generation, the digital payment must be hard for them where they believe in paying payments in cash.
    Progress made by Modi Government

    Progress made by Modi Government (India Map)


  • But the best thing that happened was by working on the vaccines throughout the months of 2020 and come March 2021, the first vaccine dose of Covaxin and Covishield was made available for the senior citizens firstly, followed by younger generation people. After one month, the second dose of Covishield could be applied, where they extended the tenure between the first and second dose for Covishield for better impact on the people. Under the Modi government, India must have helped many abroad countries too with plentiful manufacturing of vaccines in India itself. Now India is also reaching out to the rural areas after covering most of the urban cities. By January 2022, children can also be fortunate to get their doses. Hope that day comes soon when all the Indians are protected from pandemic by the usages of vaccines.


  • Those people who are found guilty are given stern punishments, which was earlier not happening, and media plays an integral role in finding out the culprits, including drugs, mafia, rape cases, deaths, illegal corruption, etc. Justice is now giving to the non-guilty and penalty to those found guilty, under the current government.
    Success under Mr. Modi's Governace

    Success under Mr. Modi’s Governace (IndiaTV News)


  • Under the Modi government, sportspeople can now go and participate in the Olympics and Common Wealth Games. The Prime Minister is boosting them with his kind words on their wins, which is indeed a superb achievement.


  • Modiji’s collaboration with abroad countries has extended wider support in oil, infrastructure, and may greater developments. Even the abroad countries’ prime ministers are intending to invest in India with big projects and talks.

To summarize, as an individual, we believe in Modiji’s endevours and stand by his decisions for the advancements of the country. He should continue as Prime Minister for another fifteen years! The country has certainly progressed tremendously economically and it has created history by making its place among developed countries!, pub-3862145386704795, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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