Indian foods and Indian restaurants are loved and appreciated by people across the globe. Food isn’t all about nourishment; it’s a kind of life, where different styles of dishes are beautified adding various ingredients to turn it into a delicious meal. Therefore, the fan base for tasty Indian dishes has been expanding tremendously since the 1960s’ when the Aussies have begun traveling to India.

Indian dishes have gained popularity in India where Indian people have their restaurants over there. But still, Aussies love visiting the beautiful land of India and its wonderful places, and can’t stop themselves from hitting the Indian streets or restaurants for mind-blowing dishes. Indian dishes are not only about the variety of curries, but also the spices they use in them to bring out the real aroma. Listed here are a few of the most trending Indian dishes which Australians must try on their visits!

  • Kadai Paneer – Paneer is one such dish that can’t be missed out while relishing good food. Kadai paneer (gravy and semi-dry) is simple to make and extremely flavorsome which is prepared by cooking paneer, bell peppers with fresh ground masala known to be paneer masala, and ginger-garlic paste, and once ready, sprinkled with coriander leaves. Kadai paneer goes well with roti, butter naan, tandoori roti, or jeera rice/basmati rice.

  • Dal Makhani – Dal Makhani is one of the most popular Punjabi cuisines that anyone would relish having with roti or mixed rice. This is prepared with whole black lentils (urad dal or kali dal) and kidney beans (rajma) adding aromatic whole spices, topped with slight cream over it and coriander leaves to make it more flavorsome.

  • Butter Chicken – Butter Chicken happens to be the tastiest and popular dish at any Indian restaurant that any Aussie would love to try on visiting this country. The butter chicken recipe includes good chicken pieces mixed in the right amount of chicken masala. One can also add creamy curry sauce to it along with coriander leaves. The butter chicken can be served with tandoori roti or butter nun, or garlic rice. This is a very easy dish that can be prepared spicy and can be anyone’s favorite and mouthwatering for them to relish till the end.

  • Veg Samosa: Samosa is an all-time favorite snack of Indians, and they can be the favorites of Aussies too. Those crunchy and flaky fried samosas are the best street snacks, featuring savoury potatoes and peas and small groundnuts with slight masala filled with pastry-like crust. The veg Punjabi samosas are the tastiest and flakiest snacks. Samosas can be served with green pudina chutney or mint chutney or tomato ketchup.

  • Tandoori Chicken Tikka: Tandoori chicken are delicious starters one can opt for. So to prepare this, marinade chicken pieces mixed with tandoori masala spices, ginger-garlic, fat-free yogurt, and lemon for 2-3 hours. Tandoori chicken can be cooked in an air fryer or grilled over an oven for 15-minutes and it is ready to be served with salad and pudina chutney.

Therefore, Australians must try out these delicious dishes on visiting India and savor their taste-buds completely without giving them a miss!, pub-3862145386704795, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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