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In the present-day scenario, lakhs and lakhs of students are going after professional courses which are already full of natural talents. There are plenty of talented professionals available in the present-day professional job market but there are equally certain professions where there is practically nobody to compete with. This trend has now changed although and we can see people are opting for other professions as well. Paramedical courses have been emerging as career options where employment opportunities are aplenty.

Paramedic – requirements (Fire Science Degree Schools)

Nowadays, students have turned their faces on Paramedical Sciences, which is a part and parcel of any medical practice. Employment prospects in these fields are very good. These professionals are to go through high-quality training programs and extensive practical classes. In case of emergencies, their services are much sought after only to stabilize them with first aid and other medical supports, particularly for those who have been injured in accidents or violence or affected by a sudden illness like cardiac arrests or heart strokes. The services of paramedics during emergencies come as lifesavers and for this, they have to endure rigorous training schedules. They spend most of their time with emergency treatment equipment like oxygen masks, ventilators and defibrillators to restore respiratory functions.


For getting admission in paramedical courses students must complete a 10+2 degree or equivalent from a recognized board with Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and English as their subject and have secured at least 50% marks in each of the subjects. The courses that can be pursued by the students are:

Paramedical courses list

Physiotherapy, Pathology, Nursing, Optometry, and dentistry are huge areas where plenty of opportunities are available to be successful. Among these, dentistry has the potential to become popular and successful. Other than these students choose from the following list of courses which are also very demanding and popular –

  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy
  • Forensic physiology
  • Dietitian
  • Counseling psychology
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Cardiovascular Technologies
  • Nuclear Medical Technology
  • Medical Radiology Therapy
  • Industrial Radiology Therapy
  • Radiological Science and Technologies
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Respiratory Care Therapy
  • Ultrasound and Sonography Technologies
Parademics are very responsible for their patients)

Duties and Responsibilities

Although it is very difficult to assess the situation in advance during an emergency, the paramedics are trained in such a way that they can cope with all calamities with necessary measures. As soon as an emergency call is received, they sprang into action and reach to the spot from where the call was made. They take to the passersby or relatives of the victims to assess the gravity of the situation and accordingly give medication.

They provide medical services on the spot and take care during any mishap by providing common tasks like checking blood pressure and pulse ratings including cleaning the wounds and administering oxygen.

Paramedics taking the patients in the ambulance to the hospital (

The paramedics take complete care including writing patient reports. These documents are very useful and help the medicos for further care and treatment. These documents are also treated as first-hand information for claiming insurance and also for law enforcement agencies.

During emergency patients do need immediate medical care and attention and refilling supplies in emergency vehicles is very necessary and important. The paramedics do check every now and then the supplies so that they are not in dearth of supplies when it is needed most.

Basically, the services of paramedics are like social services. The desire to serve people forms the basis of such a profession. Success in this profession also depends on the followings other than having a good heart to serve others:-


Paramedics should know working in airways, control bleeding, support injured limbs and allergic reactions of the patients and perform other necessary medical procedures during the emergency.

Skilled Parademics (Northwell Health)

Quick decision

After assessing the situation, the paramedics have to respond to the needs of the patients immediately and what action is being taken that is very vital.

Physical fitness

During emergency sometimes paramedics lift the patients by kneeling or bending. Therefore, fitness is required to perform the job better. Any field that is involved with medical services requires the professional to be very much responsible, careful and dedicated.

Good communication skills

Some of the skills that a paramedical person should have other than this are good communication skills and the ability to bring confidence in the patient. Understanding the patient, team spirit, cool temperament, patience, ability to work for long hours and ability to memorize and recall scientific facts are some of the features that a good paramedic should do. If a person possesses these entire qualities one should think of pursuing his career in paramedical.

Hope you guys have understood the role of a paramedic!

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