NRI Singer Vee Kapoor spends 4 months every year serving ‘Vrindavan’

Vee Kapoor has undoubtedly garnered tremendous respect for his work by displaying a wide variety of talent in his latest releases. Ranging from Aadat to the devotional Giridhaari and Saavaro to his most recent release, an acoustic version of Pal and Duniya, with Ambika Jois, Vee Kapoor has proved himself on several occasions. Although he is based in London, he is an Indian true to his roots who believes that his music helps him stay close to his motherland.

Vee Kapoor has proved to be an inspiration to many people in countless ways. May it be his passion for Indian classical music or his resolute practice of spending 4 months every year in Vrindavan serving the poor, his unwavering passion towards his motherland stands out. His NGOServing Vrindavan‘ works dedicatedly towards nurturing the environmental aspect of Vrindavan and maintaining the integrity of  Lord Krishna’s birthplace.

Talking about his NGO, Vee Kapoor says, “Vrindavan makes me feel very close to my country, India. With music, I don’t stick to one specific genre but I work towards churning out music in which one of the aspects is emotional and spiritual. I believe our culture is very rich and should be nurtured. One of the many ways, in which it can be done in music.” Vee Kapoor makes it an annual ritual to distribute around 400 blankets among the poor and staunchly believes that this makes his existence worthwhile.

On a parting note Vee Kapoor says, “Although I am far away from my country, a part of me always resides in India. My music will always display how much I believe in our country’s culture and will make you feel proud that you are an Indian.” This 2020, Vee Kapoor wishes to come up with many new compositions which will help him promulgate and pronounce his musical talent to a different level. 

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