The number of death cases across the globe has reached more than lakhs by now due to the ‘COVID-19’ pandemic. These number includes everyone from old aged ones to newly born babies. 21 lac people so far have got coronavirus world over and 1.45 lacs have lost their lives. This includes Doctors and Health workers who got infected while treating other patients. The thing which makes COVID-19 deaths even more depressing and sorrowful is, the families of the victims don’t get a chance to bid final goodbye to their families and their loved ones. This is extremely painful to even think of.

Therefore, to share the sorrow of these unlucky families and to stand with them in their grave times, singer Abuzar Akhtar released a cover song from the popular series ‘Money Heist‘ – “Bella Ciao”.

Abuzar Akhtar released his song “Bella Ciao” on April 20 (UrbanAsian)

Abuzar Akhtar’s Release dedicated to Health Workers who lost their lives because of Covid19

Bella Ciao means “goodbye beautiful”, is an Italian song which by the time became an anthem of freedom and resistance across the world to give hope and fight Coronavirus.

Singer Abuzar Akhtar prayed for these families and the unfortunate events that they had to face. He prayed for those families to heal up soon and get along with life with a positive and strong mindset.

This is a great step taken by him to show his concern to those people. Also, his NGO एक Zariya is continuing to work day and night to their full strength to make food available for the underprivileged people. Since Lockdown they have provided 24,000 meals and 350 Ration Kits to those struggling with basic necessities.

Abuzar Akhtar also proved that when one has got a positive intention, s/he can do anything even from the four walls of their home. The entire song of “Bella Ciao” was all shot by his wife and edited by him in his home. The only tool he used to create this magic was his phone to shoot and edit the entire music video. It was a big task but he pulled it off quite well. This should be taken as an example by the ones who think creativity is not possible indoors because everyone possesses a phone.

If you are interested in his version of “Bella ciao”, then you can check it out in his YouTube channel, namely “Abuzar Akhtar”.

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