Most countries have imposed a lockdown order on their citizens and people are staying indoors to keep themselves safe from the deadly COVID-19 virus that has been claiming lives all across the globe. In such times, when most celebrities are staying indoors, it is difficult to come up with content for social media. However, Sunil Gupta, a social media expert and the founder of the digital media agency Media Tribe, thinks otherwise.

“I think now is the time when celebrities or public figures should be more active on social media. Because of the lockdown order, they are not able to step out and make appearances at events. So, in times like these, they need to be more active on social media to register their presence. While some celebrities have understood this and are doing a bunch of things like giving live interviews, sharing their workout regime, etc. with their followers on social media, some have still not fully understood the importance of staying relevant on social media during these times,” says Sunil.

Sunil also suggests a couple of fun activities which the celebrities can do on social media.

“I think it is a good time for celebrities to connect with their fans. They should conduct live sessions, and not just interviews, and interact with their fans. They can have one-on-one interactions with their followers. Apart from this, they can make their followers get engaged with a particular activity, like doing workout sessions or sharing acting or music lessons live,” he adds.

Ever since its inception, Media Tribe, a company which he founded with Rima Mishra, has been handling the accounts of and guiding prominent public figures across different spectrums to build their base on social media. Sunil’s company has managed the accounts of leading actors, singers, politicians, among others.

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