Japan is way more advanced when it comes to showcasing their impressive technology. The techno-treat country plans to implement the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020 to a higher level which would be the most advanced and pioneering sporting event to be held for the very first time. They will be utilizing the cutting-edge technology to offer perfect security of the participants as well as the public, to present unified convenience for the visitors coming to watch the games, and also bring remarkable coverage to the worldwide audiences.

Spectators cheering for the upcoming 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games (japantimes.co.jp)

New-Age Technology to be Arranged

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020 have announced their challenge that a progressive facial recognition system is going to be installed at the events for verifying automatically the identities of officials, athletes, media members, and the staffs.

Facial recognition to be used in Olympiad Games 2020 (The Standard)

For the very first time, such an impressive technology will be utilized at an Olympiad. The grand plan will be a reflection towards the 2020 Tokyo commitment towards delivering the most magnificent and innovatively designed games in the sport’s history.

Technology to be introduced in 2020 Tokyo Games (GineersNow)

Interestingly, robots are installed at Tokyo airports for assisting the visitors to quickly navigate the facilities and also make their ways inside the city or towards their departure gates. Also, Fujitsu Ltd. is executing along with the International Gymnastics Federation for utilizing the laser technology to offer accurate data to be practiced by the judges for augmenting whatever they view with their eyes before they mark the scoring of the performances on beam, horse, and mats. Well, the Toyota offshoot has been working on a flying car that might be displayed in the opening ceremony of the games for lighting the Olympic flame in a notable way.

Tokyo 2020, Unity in Diversity (swimswam.com)

Let’s have a quick look at the significant features of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

1# Powering the games with 100% renewable energy.

Tokyo 2020 sets carbon-free renewable energy in the stadium (Hydrogen Fuel News)

  • Wind and solar energy will power the stadiums and the athletes’ village.
  • Japan’s new stadiums would be the centerpiece of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

2# Turning old phones into medals.

Old phones to turn into medals in 2020 games (Dale’s Jewelers)

  • Mobile phones contain small amounts of gold, silver & copper.
  • Extracting these medals will help create 5,000 medals.

Getting a medal for recycling (ghanaolympic.org)

80,000 phones and other devices have already been donated.

And 99% of the other goods used in the games will be reused or recycled.

Green medals at Tokyo 2020 Olympiad Games (The Green Optimistic)

3# Driverless taxis for guests.

Mobility for all (Forbes)

  • Passengers will be able to use their smartphones to unlock doors, & pay their fares.
  • More than 1,500 people applied for one of the test rides.

No taxi-drivers in Tokyo event (YouTube)

4# Solar roads lead to greener power-generating-floors.

Solar panels inserted on the Tokyo roads (Borneo Bulletin)

  • Japan is currently testing miles of solar roads in Tokyo.
  • Solar panels are put in the ground.
  • Then covered in resin so traffic can drive over them.
  • Solar roads will initiate electricity by using the vibrations produced by the people walking on those roads.

5# Robots will translate Japanese for foreign guests.

Robots would be a great aid at Tokyo Games 2020 (gadgets.ndtv.com)

  • Organizer plan to use robots across venues.
  • Giving foreign language support.
  • And carrying bags for disabled people and the elderly.

    Most-awaited techno Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games (Agencia EFE)

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With all of this technology, will you be going to Tokyo 2020 with your family and friends? It would be exciting to watch the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020 as Tokyo is executing the event on a grand scale! Share your views with us!

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