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Winter has made its presence felt with the temperature dipping down daily and chilliness in the air. Winter has also approached with the full-on wedding season added with excitement and happiness all around. A wedding can be rejoiced with the latest Bollywood and pop songs, with dances. Many couples believe that winter is perfect to get married and settle down as the weather is very cold, romantic, plus arranging of a function is reasonable, and many numbers of guests and relatives will come to their wedding.

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Let’s get to know how a winter wedding is considered the best time to enjoy the wedding for the couple.

1# Perfect Planning: Firstly there is no need to book an air-conditioned hall. You can either opt for an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding. If the climate is very cold outside, it is suggested to stick to indoor weddings.

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But many couples prefer going for outdoor weddings that are planned at beaches, big garden lawns, or farmhouses. You can keep interesting themes for an outdoor wedding that can add attractiveness and charisma.  When the wedding is decided at late evening or night, you can organize heaters for the respective venues. You can also make a bonfire to make the surrounding magical and thrilling.

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2# Decorations: One big benefit of marrying in winter is that you can decorate your venue with beautiful flowers that are available at this time. The flower arrangements include lily, soft whites, orchids, bountiful carnation, dahlias, rose flower arrangements, colorful poinsettia, etc, along with winter seasonal elements such as evergreen boughs, holly, pinecones, a burst of berries, and many more. These superb flowers can remain fresh for long.

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3# Magnificent Wedding Outfits: This is an amazing time to wear and feel comfortable draping selections on velvets, rich textured silks, brocade as against rippling chiffons and crepes. Brides should wear a perfect outfit of appealing choli or heavy saree of distinct colors, or pretty gowns and look elegant and gorgeous, sans going backless and shivering in cold. They can also make a nice choice of long-fitted blouses along with narrowed lengthened sleeves, or wear cool jackets fabricated of velvet or blouses, or try out lehengas designed of velvet clothes in classy colors such as red, purple, maroon, and blue. Bridegrooms can wear a fitted sherwani or kalidhar jacket or blazer. The bride and bridegroom can experiment with wearing stylish fabrics without any worries.

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4# Food Preparations: Winter weddings have a lot of hot delicacies served, such as small-sized pakodas, samosas, paneer tikkas, kebabs, crispy potatoes and other varieties of barbeques as hot starters. The delectable cuisines can be Indian, Continental, Mexican, or Italian. Ensure to add other tasty, mouth-watering dishes (veg and non-veg) in the menu list.

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Make sure to serve varieties of hot soups, coffee, hot chocolate, herbal tea, or juice. Among the sweet category, your guests can relish jalebi, rasgulla, gulab jamun, gajar ka halwa, jalebi, and custard and a chocolate fountain for desserts.

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5# Wedding Make-up: For your winter season wedding, the couples who are going to marry should take special care of their skin a month or two before their D-day. For having soft and smooth skin, it is recommended to care for your skin on a daily basis. They should apply mild face wash and use moisturizing cream.

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If one is having dry skin, then it is good to use almond oil or baby oil after shower on the whole body. Girls should make sure not to apply direct lipstick without using lip balm. Also, it is important to keep your hands, elbows, knees, and feet clean and moisturized so as to stop being dry and dirty.

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Hence, take full advantage of winter and plan your wedding day well in advance, and enjoy your big day to the fullest with your partner! 🙂

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