A Quick Guide to Host an Ideal Potluck Party

As daily schedule remains quite packed, people try to chill out on the weekends. Most of them go shopping and window-shopping in the malls, watch movies in theaters, or queue up for lunch or dinner at well-known restaurants in their cities. As people love having a variety of foods with friends, hosting a potluck party has turned out to be popular. A potluck is a great gathering of friends and families where every guest comes with a homemade dish at someone’s place, and all have fun and gossip and play games together.

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Well, this is the most inexpensive method of spending the weekend at one friend’s place or in a garden or a park, or roadside place where friends gather and enjoy few tasty dishes, share talks, or exchange cooking tips, etc.

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Before making a plan, you should know about a fruitful guide about how to host a perfect potluck party.

  • Try to be organized: Organization of things makes your work much easier and you’re far more relieved. You need to prepare a guest list of who is to be invited, and what are the dishes they want to bring along with them for the party. Ensure that none of them repeat the dishes. Via the list everyone invited can be aware of the quantity of food they would organize. Avoid overload of starters, desserts, and main course items. You can create potluck party cards and send them personally to your guests, or forward them on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. Guests will love your sweet gesture through such invitations.
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  • Never hesitate to ask: When you are hosting the party, you can surely ask every guest what dish they would wish to prepare. Your friends would love to make those dishes that everyone likes to have often. You can sort out the various dishes ranging from starters to grilled hamburgers to risottos to dal-chawal to tandoori rotis to chicken/mutton biryani, etc. Coming to sweet dishes or desserts, one guest can bring homemade rasgullas, gulab jamuns or rasmalai. Desserts can be made from mangoes too with mouthwatering options like mango cake, mango mousse, and mango-flavored frozen yogurt.
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Mango Ice-cream as sweet dish (currytrail.in)
  • Takeaway containers a must: A potluck party consists of distinct types of dishes to try out. If a quantity of any dish is more, guests may be willing to take the leftover foods home. Thus you should keep few takeaway containers as the party is going to be held at your home. These will help in packing foods in these containers. You can also ask guests to obtain one or two empty containers from their homes.
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  • A Theme will make the party exciting: You can select a theme for your thrilling party and ask your guests to approach with something that relates to that particular theme. You and your guests can sit and decide which theme to keep – Chinese carnival, Italian, Mexican, Continental, Indian dishes, or only fast foods, or any other mania. In this way, invited people can enjoy varied dishes and drinks. You can make your drawing room creative by decorating it or embellishing only the table with decorative pieces, theme-related ribbons, and candles. You can even choose a dress code and inform guests that would add colors and delightful mood to the party.
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  • Decide on the plates: As potlucks are buffet style, you should have lots of serving dishes and glasses at your home. It will be convenient for you to have disposable plastic ware, bowls, and plates that can be used and thrown after lunch or dinner. But it is your preference if you want to serve your guests in best china, silverware, or crystal ware, you can do so. If plates are a shortage at your place, you can ask your nearby guests to bring with them while coming.

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  • Potluck recipes: Potluck party helps in having your guests bring different dishes, and sit in one place and relish the yummy foods, and enjoy with great gossips. Obviously, every dish looks superb when it is presented in an appealing way. You can try out making many easy potluck recipes at your home, as per your convenience.
Yummy Foods served in Potluck Party (www.thedjservice.com)

Thus, try out potluck parties at one of your friends’ places and have a blast together! 🙂

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