Best Craziest Moments of Bigg Boss Season 11

Every year Bigg Boss catches the limelight with thunderstorm occurring in the huge lavish house, and this year is certainly no exception. Among the 18 contestants including 14 celebrities and 4 commoners, Bigg Boss is all set to pick its top 4 contestants fighting for the main trophy. As the days are nearing by for the finale night to be held on Sunday, 14th January on Colors channel, the remaining contestants in the house are trying their level best to showcase their best side so that they would get votes from the audience.

Bigg Boss 11’s 18 contestants with Host Salman Khan (

Let’s have a quick look at the best craziest moments of this season that has grabbed eyeballs!

  • Mid-week eviction with Arshi’s visit as a guest: Bigg Boss will surprise the remaining 5 contestants, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan, Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani with the last eviction of season 11 where they have to act mean. Ex-contestant Arshi Khan will judge this round.
    Arshi Khan has entered BB house as a guest (Times Now)

    All the five are nominated where one contestant who gets the least votes from the audience will be evicted. Arrogant and over-confident Akash will be kicked out in the mid-week eviction which would be a shock to him.

    Akash Dadlani is show the door with mid-week eviction (Free Press Journal)
  • Chat with Journalists: Journalists grilled the five contestants with their sharp questions that showed mixed reactions from them.
    Hina, Akash, Vikas, Puneesh, and Shilpa face Media Ka Vaar (The Indian Express)

    Hina was seen angry and proving her points to the journalists, Shilpa got emotional as Akash, Vikas and Hina tried pinpointing at them. Puneesh kept it light as he fully supported Shilpa Shinde as she is lovingly called Ma of the house.

    Journalists gathered at BB house; Shilpa Shinde applauded by everyone (India TV)
  • Eviction via Ballot Box Voting: Last week in the ranking stand task, Akash and Puneesh decided to stand at No 1 and No 2 ranks, followed by Luv No 3, Shilpa No 4, Hina No 4, and Vikas No 6, where last 4 contestants got nominated by Bigg Boss. Shilpa, Luv, Hina, and Vikas got the opportunity to visit a Mall in Mumbai for 15 minutes and the fans who visited the mall voted in the ballot box. Later in the BB house, they counted their own votes. Luv got the least votes, so was eliminated from this show.

    Hina, Shilpa, Vikas, and Luv visited mall (BollywoodPapa)
  • Imitation of other contestants during Rani Mukherjee’s entry: Big Boss gave the last 5 contestants a great chance to portray their fellow-mates. Shilpa acted as Hina, Vikas acted as Akash, Hina acted as Shilpa, Puneesh as Luv, Akash acted as Vikas, and Luv as Puneesh. Vikas was appreciated by Rani Mukherjee who came to promote her movie Hitchki, for his good act of Akash, the rapper. Every contestant literally imitated the other person, taunting and making fun of them.

    5 Contestants imitate each other in front of Rani Mukherjee (
  • Christmas occasion with twists: Singer Mika Singh entered the house during Christmas and gave some gifts to few of the contestants. Host Salman Khan was in fun mood as he gave an interesting task when he said a comment and asked a particular contest to guess who said that statement about him/her. That contestant had to say the name and spray snow on their face.

    Christmas fun with Mika Singh and Salman Khan (India Today – India Today Group)
  • Family members visit the BB home: It was an emotional week for the contestants when one of their family members entered Bigg Boss house to surprise them. Bigg Boss announced STATUE when family members entered one after the other.
    Hiten got the chance to meet his wife Gauri and kids (Hindustan Times)

    Shilpa’s mother, Hina’s boyfriend, Arshi’s father, Puneesh’s father, Vikas’s mother, Priyank’s ex-girlfriend Divya and Hiten’s wife Gauri came to meet and encouraged the housemates.

    Vikas with his mom, Shilpa with her mom, and Puneesh with his dad (Zee News)
  • Growing Love between Bandagi and Puneesh: Both Bandagi and Puneesh were head over heels in love with each other as they spent some cozy moments in the house after others slept. They were the talk of the town till Bandagi got evicted by mutual decision between both. Bandagi decided to leave the house and let Puneesh play inside the BB house.

    Sweet love grew between Puneesh and Bandagi in BB house (News Nation)
  • The triangular friendship between Vikas, Hiten, and Arshi: Audiences loved the friendship between the three where they supported each other and saved the other in nominations. It was a good jugaalbandi seen between the trios. When Hiten got evicted, Vikas and Arshi both were emotional, followed by Arshi who also got out.

    Vikas, Arshi, and Hiten trio were seen in BB house (
  • The sweet fun between Hiten and Arshi: Arshi had a special liking for Hiten Tejwani as she used to try coming nearer to him where he used to run from her and everyone must have had a loud laugh.
    Arshi pulling legs of Hiten, yet supporting him till last (Bollyworm)

    Even in the Raja-Rani game where the two ranis Arshi and Shilpa had to arouse the raja Hiten by convincing him that she is the best rani for him, Arshi left no stone unturned in proving herself as the best rani.  

    Shilpa and Arshi as Ranis try to impress Hiten, the Raja (India – Top Stories)
  • Mastermind Strokes played now and then: Vikas Gupta has always been named the real mastermind of the house, though he seems innocent and talks sweetly with others. He has earlier toppled the other contestants by nominating them, saving the trio Hiten, Arshi and him in the game. Shilpa Shinde, on the other hand, played a superb masterstroke by picking Hiten over Priyank as he seemed a strong contender. With Puneesh, Arshi, and Vikas choosing Hiten to save; Luv, Hina, Akash and joining hands Shilpa choose Priyank. That was a googly throw from Shilpa’s end.
    Two big masterminds Vikas and Shilpa playing their own cards (India TV)

    A fan reacted with his Twitter comment:

Brilliant Masterstroke by #ShilpaShinde
– Arshi content wid Hiten over
– Vikas main support over
– Tigdi – Vikas, Arshi & Hiten broken
– Removed a strong contender
– Proved if she’s silent doesn’t mean C doesn’t know 2 play
– Proved why she deserves 2 win”

Shilpa Shinde might be the winner of BB 11 (
  • Hina the back-bitcher and the crying baby: Hina Khan is one typical girl audiences have laughed seeing her, who gets up in the morning, does her make-up, wears borrowed clothes bought at home, sits on her bed at the corner and used to bitch with her two loyal fellows Priyank and Luv about other contestants. She never cooked food but had end number of complaints about Shilpa who actually prepares food for her and the whole house.
    Hina bitches along with Luv and Priyank about other housemates (India Today – India Today Group)

    She never admits her mistake. If she is pointed out by Salman or any other fellow about her mistakes, Hina proves that point to be right by talking loud. Quite silly of her to behave in this way. Drama queen as she is named and her long crying are always laughed off.

    Hina Khan: the crying baby (
  • Stakes high in the game of Chor-Police: Bigg Boss had given a task where Hina was the sanchalak, and in between Luv and Puneesh, whoever will be successful in stealing costly goods worth more than 13 lakhs wins the Ticket to the Grand Finale. But the twist is that the total number of goods stolen from the lot will get deducted from the final prize money of the show. Well, the housemates managed to stop Puneesh and Luv from stealing, so the prize money remains the same. Saying this, it was fun to watch Puneesh and Luv falling down yet running with the goods here and there.

    Chor-Police Game (IndianWikiMedia)
  • The Selfie Fun
The Selfie Moment captured was too much fun (IndianWikiMedia)
  • Kitchen Gossip and Donkey Bathing Moments 
Kitchen gossip with Shilpa and Arshi: irritating and fun; Akash cleaning the donkey (The Indian Express)
  • The On-and-Off Catfight

    Catfight continues among Shilpa and Hina (Bolly Splash)
  • Bromance between Vikas and Priyank

    Too much fondness grew between Priyank and Vikas after Hiten’s exit (DNA India)
  • Housemates’ Relatives come as Neighbours

    Luv, Vikas, Priyank and Akash’s moms, with Hina’s bf and Shilpa’s bro as Neighbors; Hina enacting someone on the other side of the house (
  • The so-called Maa-Beti on BB11
Shilpa Shinde was given the Maa tag by Akash on BB11 (Bolly Splash)
  • Parlor scene in BB11 house

    A parlor is set when Hina is groomed by Puneesh and Luv (

Grooving with your bros: Priyank, Akash, and Luv

  • The Hen Game where one housemate’s egg can be thrown in the BB pool

    ‘Save the egg’ game of each contestant to save themselves from nominations (Peepingmoon)
  • The New RJs Vikas and Shilpa in BB house

    Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde RJing with Vidya Balan who came to promo her movie Tumhari Sulu (Free Press Journal)
  • Snow Game – Ticket to Finale 
Contestants wear sack bags of others where the behind person can open the bag of front person (Zee News)
  • Top 2 Girls having fun

    Hina and Shilpa chit-chatting (

As said by ex-contestant of BB11, Priyank Sharma, “Bigg Boss 11 house is not a war zone, but it’s zone where the contestants have been staying with each other for the last 13 weeks and this is the 14th week going, this is one strange feeling inside the house where the equations change, they change, they switch, they flip. When you have so strong personalities like Shilpa, Hina, Vikas, Hina, Hiten, Priyank, Puneesh, or any other contestants, clashes are supposed to happen, the points of views will be different, the opinions will differ. Every person in the house should be prepared for it to face challenges. It’s not all about strategies because all the contestants were genuinely friends from the beginning. In between, some fights did occur, but again they got back together.”

For 2nd time, Priayank, Vikas and Luv’s moms, and Hina’s bf met each other (

This is so true that they fight and makeup too after few days. Kudos to the contestants who survived among the unknown fellow-mates. The top 4 contestants fighting for the Grand Finale on 14th January are Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan, and Puneesh Sharma! Watch out the remaining episodes on Colors and Voot. Stay tuned! 🙂

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Sanghamitra Roychoudhary

A proficient Web Content Developer (Technical and Non-Technical Writer), Blogger, and Freelance Content Writer. A happy author of! She is a creative person, always eager to learn new aspects, and seeking new ways for improving skills in her field.
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Sanghamitra Roychoudhary

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