Many people may not have heard about Epilepsy. It is a brain disorder that can affect any range of the age-group person. Whether they are small kids, children, youngsters or elders, they might experience epilepsy. It’s not a disease, but a health problem in developing countries as well as the Asian nation, including India. Hence, November 17th is observed as the National Epilepsy Day in India every year. This is a humble attempt of creating awareness about epilepsy on this occasion of Purple Day. Let us make you aware about Epilepsy and it is certainly curable if taken to the right hospital and given proper treatment and medications by the neurological doctors.

Epilepsy Can Be Cured (Katrina Moody)

Why is Epilepsy Day observed?

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), epilepsy is a neurological condition suffered by people worldwide irrespective of age, race, social class, national or international geographical boundaries. Approximately more than 50 million people are experiencing epilepsy worldwide, among which 80% stay in developing countries. In India, approximately 10 million people have seizures related to epilepsy.

One in 10 people might have a seizure (The Healthquaters Polyclinic)

Approximately 10 million people in India suffer from epileptic seizures. Many numbers of people should be made aware of this disorder so that they can be given the right medications and recover soon. The epileptic patients can surely partake in everything. Distinct Research Centres and Medical Institutes are engaged in research and medications for perfectly curing epilepsy. Epilepsy patients should be treated equally and with full respect. Those children having a lesser dose of epilepsy can study in schools and colleges. Those elders who have a least epileptic problem once a month, or once/twice in six-months can work in offices if their doctors have advised them with proper medicines and have conveyed them that they can work.

Stay confident and overcome epilepsy (

What is Epilepsy and what are its Causes?

Epilepsy is known to be a chronic brain disorder, often specified as fits or seizures, which is caused due to excessive electrical discharges in the neurons (brain cells) for a few seconds. For example, in few situations when the train is entering the station with loud horn; or a glass or mug falls down on floor and makes a slight noise; or a car blowing the horn; or any other noise that is heard by that person; his/her brain is not able to receive such noises quickly, just like normal person does.

Epilepsy, a brain disorder (Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi)

At that time when the person’s brain is unable to grasp that noise, their body (hands/legs) start shaking because of the noise fear for few minutes. Then she/he becomes normal and continues to do normal work. In some cases, the person falls down on the floor and shivers out of fear. The extent can be flowing of liquid from the mouth. Epilepsy disorder can happen to a person quite many times a day, or twice or thrice in six months. Even though the person might experience epilepsy for a few years, but they can recover from it fully with the correct medications and lead an extremely superb life with respect and dignity.

Brain cells disturbed due to epilepsy (The Borgen Project)

The causes of epilepsy include – Head injury or accidents; brain damage from prenatal and perinatal injury; Brain infections; Congenital abnormalities; prolonged high fever during childhood phase; brain tumor and stroke.

Symptoms of Epilepsy

The symptoms of epilepsy that the person faces from this disorder cover – stiffness in muscles of arms or legs or face; loss of consciousness; sudden convulsion [shaking or jerking in legs or arms]; tingling sensation [feels like pricking] in arms or legs.

Symptoms of epilepsy can be cured (Pharmacy Times)

What are the Tips to deal with Epileptic Seizures?

When a person is having seizures, his/her family member or friend or any other person who sees should follow a few tips.

  • They shouldn’t shift the position of that person while he/she is shaking because of seizures.
  • Avoid looking at that person much as they might feel conscious and the shaking might increase because of fear.
  • Never try to restrain that person during his/her seizure.
  • If in case he/she collapses at that time, you can put a soft pillow below the person’s head if possible.
  • Allow him/her to rest or sleep off.
  • If they’re wearing something tight, after the seizure has stopped, you can change their dress to loosen wear after some time.
  • If they’re sweating, put the fan to full speed or put-on the AC.
  • Never put any food in the mouth of that person because they might bite their tongue or inside layer of mouth unknowingly due to fear in mind.
  • Give that person space to calm down.
  • Roll that person lightly on one side so that if fluid comes out from the mouth can come out safely.

    Thanks to the Neurological Doctors for curing the epileptic patients (Northwell Health)

Refer the Best Hospital in India for Quick Recovery

Many parents aren’t aware of the right Neurological Institute from where their children or any other family member of friends suffering from epilepsy can recover completely. They might take them to hospitals of Neurology like ‘Neurosciences Institute in Kolkata’; National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in Bangalore; Indraprastha Apollo hospital in New Delhi; Manipal Hospital for Neurology in Bangalore; P.D Hinduja Hospital for Neurology in Mumbai; Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital for Neurology; Jehangir Hospital for Neurology in Pune; SAL Hospital for Neurology in Ahmedabad, for a check-up and get the right medication. But they might not be successful even after visiting any of these neurological hospitals.

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum (SINGLE INSTITUTION/ MahalSoft)

Well, if one really wants the person suffering from epilepsy to recover completely, they should directly refer to the country’s No. 1 Neurological Institute in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, named: “Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST).”

Email at:; about the patient and explain in detail about the kind of epilepsy he/she is undergoing, and from which year and month. Write the neurological doctor that you want an appointment for a check-up. Once they contact you back with a reply, they will give you the date and day to come and show the patient. One of the best doctors of neurology at SCTIMST is Professor Dr. Ashalatha.R. You can also email her directly at

You can then confirm by calling on the Hospital Phone: 91-471-2443152.

Make everyone aware about Epilepsy (Spreadshirt)

You need to appear with the patient with his file reports and EEG and MEG reports to show the doctor. The Neurological doctors at SCTIMST will go through your reports, understand them, and further proceed with admitting the patients and start working on the treatment. They ensure that the epileptic person coming to them recovers and goes back home. After every two years, the doctors ask them to come for a regular check-up. Hence, the parents can be sure that by their perfect medication, their children will not suffer again from epilepsy because SCTIMST is certainly the best and the perfect institute of Neurology treatment.

“Epilepsy is curable. Believe in yourself; believe in miracles. If you are someone facing epilepsy, there would come one day where you would have overcome it bravely and lead a happy life.”

Hence, according to the Neurologists, it is the right time for everyone to join hands to spread awareness that 90% of patients can live a normal life, can conceive, and give birth to normal healthy children. They can work and lead a very successful life. They can enjoy every beautiful moment of their lives with family and friends! 🙂, pub-3862145386704795, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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