Thanksgiving is a great occasion that has been followed in the US for years. It’s a special occasion where people invite their guests to convey thanks wholeheartedly. This tradition is practiced every year as it’s a public holiday falling on the fourth Thursday of November. On this day, schools, colleges, and most of the businesses are closed. Thanksgiving Day is mainly for the get-together of families and friends over a delicious dinner that is mainly celebrated in the United States, and with passing years, this occasion is celebrated in other countries, including India.

This day also holds Thanksgiving Day parades in a few towns and cities in the US. Few parades signify the grand opening of the Christmas shopping season. People also take a four-day long weekend to spend time with friends and family and go on trips.

Give your thanks to the guests (Thanksgiving Day)

Seeing the trend of the US’s Thanksgiving Day, many other countries are opting for this occasion to give thanks to their guests for how much they have helped them, in the way of a dinner party. Let us explore more on how to plan a nice thanksgiving party at dinner time!

  • Plan much ahead: You need to plan for the Thanksgiving dinner party two weeks in advance. You need to decide whether you want to invite family members or friends on this occasion; does your home needs some decoration; what would be the main course dishes along with sweet dishes for the party. Once you have decided in your mind, you can jot them down on paper so that they may not skip from your mind.
  • The number of guests to be invited: When it’s decided that you would be calling family members or family friends or only friends, you can easily decide how many people you would invite and who are they! You can also mention whether couples can come with their children or not which would help in selecting the plates. After the guest checklist is ready, invite them over the phone and drop a message accordingly on WhatsApp/Snapchat/Facebook Messenger to confirm.

    Arrange a superb party at home by inviting your guests (Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission)

  • Decorations of home: Ensure to keep your home clean before Thanksgiving Day. Do some shopping to add any new showpieces or flowers to your drawing room, if needed. Make sure a new set of dining plates and glasses and drinks glasses are there at your place for your guests. You can either pick from malls or do online shopping from Flipkart, or Amazon.

    Make a nice decoration for Thanksgiving Day (

  • Plan out your menu for dinner: List out the dishes you want to make or order for your guests that would be liked by them. You might decide on 2-3 starter dishes, 1-2 soups, 2 main course dishes, etc for your dinner. You might add vegan and non-veg dishes, as per your guests’ choices. The meal may include potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, vegetables, pumpkin pie, among others.

    Mouthwatering dinner (

  • Decide on the Drinks: You can be selective in your drinks for your guests too where you can keep wine, beer, whiskey, or cocktail, etc.

    Drinks arrangement for Thanksgiving evening (Ketel One Vodka)

  • Dessert selections: You can also prepare homemade cookies or cupcakes which you can serve after dinner. You can arrange for a few dessert recipes. A few of them can be caramel pecan tart; chocolate bread and butter pudding; carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting; caramel pudding; pumpkin, caramel, and toffee crunch parfaits; crunchy bites, etc.

    Make yummy delicacies for your guests (

  • Arrange for after-dinner activities: After Thanksgiving delicious dinner is served to your guests, you can arrange for some fun activities.

* You can set up a campfire in your backyard with dance and music and encourage your friends to participate.

Camp fire fun

Camp fire along with music and dance n fun (Depositphotos)

*You can arrange for a card party at home. It could be fun to play cards in a foursome.

Card party after Thanksgiving dinner party (Capital Spice –

*You can also assemble your friends in groups or pairs for an outdoor scavenger hunt in the backyard area which would be certainly very exciting. Offer small gifts in the form of friendly competition.

Outdoor scavenger hunt game

Outdoor scavenger hunt game (Crafts on Sea)

*You can even make your friends browse through photo albums as all can share good old memories of seeing those photos and remembering those sweet days with some interesting storytelling related to the photos and laugh together.

*Late-night movie watching can also be an option. Select one thrilling-cum-romantic-cum-comic movie that can be enjoyed by everyone present.

*Another choice can be set up of Christmas Tree by decorating it. As Christmas is nearing too, you can arrange a small Christmas tree along with small decorating pieces o be added. You can tell your friends to decorate that family tree. Turn on a light Christmas-related music, light up colorful bulbs in that room, have a nice couple dance. Later you can also serve them with hot cocoa with fun gossips.

Decorate a lovely Christmas tree (Mirror)

There’s also a Friendsgiving time that ranges between 21st November and 26th November. You can plan a mini trip with your friends. You can celebrate any given date between now till 26th of this month to share Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving moments with your loved family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving wishes (happy wishes for Canada Thanksgiving Day 2018 Wishes)

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