According to the estimates in India, one out of 100 cases is found to be undergoing epilepsy. Though one doesn’t need to get afraid from this disease, many patients assume social myths around it and thus these thoughts should be ignored. Frankly speaking, epilepsy has the right and quick treatment, and those patients can also lead a healthy life.

National Epilepsy Awareness Month (Epilepsy Foundation)

November is known to be the National Epilepsy Awareness Month. The goal of this month’s 30-days is to highlight epilepsy and raise awareness. Our goal is to educate and support the people about epilepsy and seizures and to fight off the ignorance and social stigma. It is even important to offer support to the goals of fundraising as well as research to find the right cure confidently. The mission is ensuring every child and adult should receive the right medication and care for epilepsy.

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Right Treatment of Epilepsy

The epilepsy patients can visit India’s Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute For Medical Science & Technology, Trivandrum, Kerala (Best Centre For Comprehensive Epilepsy Care) by taking early appointments via emails and phone calls.

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Epilepsy can occur once a month, or in a few months’ time, or once a week or daily. They might be sleeping seizure or complex partial or full seizures etc. Almost 70-80% patients having fits/seizures can be treated properly and kept under control having the prescribed drugs by the doctors that are anti-epileptic. Few patients do require undergoing surgical treatment to cure epilepsy. With the right treatment, many epileptic patients can lead their regular lives happily.

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute- committed to epilepsy treatment

An attempt to afford excellent medical therapy to the epileptic patients, this institute is directed under experienced Prof. Dean V. Kalyanakrishnan. With the perfect treatment in SCTIMST by one of the well-known professors, Dr. Ashalatha Radhakrishnan, who heads the Department of Neurology, the patients undergo in-depth assessment and consultation by the respective doctors, classy tests like EEG, MRI, and Video-EEG (to identify the root cause of disease), right healing and medicine prescription, and of course counseling is a significant constituent in the treatment. Here the patient can be fully assured that he/she will come fully recovered and satisfied in the first session of treatment from SCTI. They deliver the best thorough treatment so that the patient does not require coming back again and contact them directly via mail only.

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You might have come across many neurological institutes in India, but SCTIMST pays you the best effective treatment you ever have imagined! So just don’t avoid yourself or your close ones in taking you to the most popular Shree Chitra Institute and acquire the correct treatment under the top epilepsy specialist, along with his committed team and amazing medical facilities.

Show Confidence to Overcome Epilepsy and Fulfil Your Dreams

Generally, people are hesitant to talk about common epilepsy they had faced earlier in their lives. But trust me, there’s nothing to hide. It might be a tough phase one might have experienced for a shorter or longer phase. Epilepsy is a disorder that occurs in a person’s brain once in a while when he/she isn’t able to execute the normal activities they do at that time because of the stiffness in their body for few seconds. But many people might not be aware of the exact place of treatment. The exact Neurological Hospital that can cure epileptic patients perfectly is:

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology, Trivandrum

Thiruvananthapuram – 695 011, Kerala, India.


Phone: 91-471-2443152. Fax: 91-471-2446433.

SCTIMST Hospital (Jagran Josh)

Hence, guys and girls and kids when suffering from epilepsy never should lose their hope and confidence. Patients should always encourage their children to be in a positive frame of mind because epilepsy is curable perfectly at Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute For Medical Science & Technology, Trivandrum, Kerala. Parents need to take their children to this hospital to give them the right treatment that would help them to recover sooner under the neurologist specialists of SCTIMST. The sooner those people will get cured of epilepsy, they are certainly going to enjoy their lives to the fullest and achieve all their dreams and ambitions.

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