Pokemon Go is active on its ideal track of popularity as it is reflected upon as the first smartphone game to overcome other trendier games like Candy Crush Saga, and Supercell’s Clash of Clans, thus breaking the record of per-year $4 billion wall. Pokemon Go has been released by developer Niantic in Australia and New Zealand on 6th July which has made millions of people to hook onto this crazy game which blends fantasy and reality.

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Pokemon Go has welcomed the world with open arms in its arena where this mobile gaming experience has swept the fans, but halting the players on their tracks. Nowadays this has turned out to be a common view with youngsters roaming about with their smartphones, their eyes got stuck on its screen as they anticipate for this fictional creature to appear, and then suddenly come across a rapid scream as Pikachu gets visible.
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Full-On Pokemon Go Fever

If you love playing games on mobile, then you might have stayed behind from hitting Pokemon Go. Though this augmented mobile reality game is commenced in many nations, but still Pokemon Go is yet to be officially released in India. However, many gamers in the country are downloading the distinct variants of Pokemon Go via distinct platforms to have a sneak peak and try playing the game.


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How to play Pokemon Go?

First you need to download the Pokemon Go game available on Google Playstore, and install it. When you are all set to play, this game will approach the camera of your smartphone, and you have to gradually progress from one place to another place to encounter your targets. At first, the pensive Professor Willow gives a small introduction to you as she moves you how to catch hold of your selection of three Pokemons, after which you can continue playing on your own. It also has a mini tips segment which gives details on the general map icons.

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The three main divisions to Pokemon Go include- catching the Pokemon, visiting the PokeStops, and also the gym fights. Pokemon Go being a very addictive game, one can’t stop from playing as trapping the monster pockets becomes your key target.

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Pokemons hit the floor

The Pokemon Go app also utilizes your smartphone’s GPS, besides camera to follow where they actually are and also positioning casual Pokemon creatures around them that can be easily trapped. Few safety concerns are being raised, like players while playing Pokemon are striding in to the poles, or marching the course of traffic, and also online security and privacy. As the Pokemon approaches on your mobile screen, seeming as if it is just around you; while this game uses GPS, the ardent fans often thrive to hunt out for Pokemon at college campus, offices, gyms, and roads, and get hit themselves too. They aim to catch Pokemon anyhow, including other distinct characters of the game. While on an operation to grab Pokemon, they get the chance to travel across real world which happens to be the icing on cake.

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Highlights of Pokemon Go

  • Being a recently launched video game, Pokemon Go can be played easily on smartphones, as it can be installed via Google app store.
  • Pokemon Go is an enlarged reality game which signifies that your smartphone’s screen exhibits your real life settings via camera when you play.
  • Pokemon fantasy monster approaches on your screen while you discover the world, displaying on your screen as if the Pokemons are present in real world.
  • When the players are using this game app, they’re all excited to grab the Pokemon, train and further battle them. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="684"] Pokemon Go woos youngsters (www.washingtontimes.com)[/caption]

     When the news of Pokemon Go came into picture this July, it was more of nostalgia with a throwback towards Pokemania 90’s which children loved watching on television the ‘Pokemon animated series.’ They used to play with Pokemon cartoon cards and console games which were so thrilling. Now it seems magical as youngsters are playing Pokemon games in real life. These games are fun to play, as they take the players to a speedy walk or run while their eyes are into the Pokemon hunt. The Pokemon Go charisma has certainly pulled the masses in a spellbound mode!  🙂

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