Kashyap and Anusmriti starer ‘One Day: Justice Delivered’ bring justice to their characters Shamim and Shagufta

A thriller-action movie named One Day: Justice Delivered got released recently on July 5, 2019, directed by Ashok Nanda, produced by Ketan Patel and Swati Singh and written by Alaukik Rahi. This is a crime thriller set in one of the state capitals which helps us restore our faith in the Indian judicial system and its decisions.

Anupam Kher and Esha Gupta in One Day: Justice Delivered (Upcoming Horror Movies)

A movie which ensures that a powerful message is delivered to the masses coupled with critics rubbing their hands with glee at the end of it, stars Anupam Kher, Esha Gupta, Kumud Mishra, Kashyap Barbhaya and Anusmriti Sarkar in staunch and eye-catching roles. The plot revolves around the investigation and strategies followed by a crime branch special officer to solve the mystery of missing high-profile persons.

Kashyap and Anusmriti of ‘One Day: Justice Delivered’ deliver justice to their characters ~ Shamim and Shagufta

Khuda ka Noor’ promulgates the vibrant chemistry between Kashyap Barbhaya and Anusmriti Sarkar which is a part of the movie One Day: Justice Delivered. Throwing some light on the new talent in the film, Kashyap Barbhaya and Anusmriti Sarkar does not disappoint at all. Their pairing seems fresh and has appealed greatly with the audience.

Kashyap as Barbhaya and Anusmruti as Shagufta in One Day: Justice Delivered (Bollyy)

It is said that ‘If you have it in you, you have it in you to make it big.’ Kashyap Barbhaya, this effervescent youngster stepped into Bollywood with Love U Family and Sallu Ki Shaadi in 2017. A suave, young gentleman coupled with propitious acting skills, Kashyap has pleasantly surprised everyone watching his work. He essays the role of Shamim who is pivotal in shaping the movie in a particular direction.


Anusmriti Sarkar and Kashyap Barbhaya in front of the One Day poster (Twitter)

After having made an impressionable mark in the Telugu industry, Anusmriti Sarkar has shifted her gears towards Bollywood. She is playing a Muslim girl called Shagufta in One Day Justice Delivered, who is very confident and very clear about how she wishes her life to take shape. Anusmriti is filling her kitty by accepting diverse roles in her next which happens to be a rom-com with Krushna Abhishek.


Lead characters of One Day: Justice Delivered, released on July 5, 2019 (Twitter)

Kashyap and Anusmriti are playing a newly-wed couple who are heading to Ranchi for their honeymoon. The turn of events is orchestrated in such a way that a particular incident changes their lives and the events that take place sequentially. Both of them dazzle in this song which has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Vikrant Parijat. It beautifully showcases the love between the lovebirds and strengthens their acting.  Both of them were highly appreciated for the efforts they took on the song and while preparing for the film. Sunidhi adds another melodious song to her panoply of songs, which is ancillary to the chemistry shared between Kashyap and Anusmriti.

Esha Gupta as Crime branch officer Laxmi Rathi in One Day: Justice Delayed (Best Movie Cast)

Star Cast of One Day: Justice Delivered

One Day: Justice Delivered includes several star cats playing different characters like – Anupam Kher as Retired Judge Tyagi; Kumud Mishra as Insp. Sharma; Esha Gupta as Crime branch officer Laxmi Rathi; Anusmriti Sarkar as Shagufta; Zakir Hussain as MP Rawat; Rajesh Sharma as Pankaj Singh; Murali Sharma as Dr. Ajay; Deepshika Nagpal as Dr. Reena; Nasirr Khan as lawyer Rai; Zarina Wahab as Abdul’s Mom; Anant Mahadevan as Lawyer Joshi; Rinku Bharti Goswami as Female cop; Kashyap Barbhaya as Shamim; Jayaka Yagnik as Pooja; Saavi Chauhan as Sonia; Alok Pandey as Afzal Mechanic; Poonam Rane as Rekha; Nilofar Gesawat as Mrs. Tyagi; Manoj Mishra as Dilawar; Irfan Razaa Khan as Inspector Vijay; Jeeban Panda as Parvez; Akram Ali Khan as Rahul; Mohaq Kansara as Abdul; and many more.

Check out the beautiful song: Khuda Ka Noor, sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Vikrant Parijat.

We are looking forward to the blooming of these two buds, Kashyap Barbhaya and Anusmriti Sarkar which have been freshly planted in Bollywood. Go watch this interesting thriller-cum-action-packed movie, One Day: Justice Delivered that released on July 5!

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